Review: MoneySeize

July 20, 2009


It’s been a while since my JiG review of MoneySeize and I STILL can’t put this game down!

MoneySeize is a platform game of the ridiculously difficult variety. You play Sir Reginald MoneySeize and your goal is to collect 1000 gold coins so you can build the world’s largest tower. Getting these coins isn’t easy as they are scattered about in fifty plus rooms filled with traps, enemies, and perilous jumps that will challenge even the most adept of platform players.

What makes MoneySeize so good? Lots of things really. The controllers are fast and loose, but responsive like a finely tuned sports car. As such, once you’ve acclimated yourself to the gameplay, it hardly feels like you’re even using your hands but instead controlling little MoneySeize with your mind. This is handy considering that the levels are viciously difficult and often times collecting all the coins will have you relying more on muscle memory than anything else.

Yes, you’ll die, and die often. There will be rooms in which you will rack up deaths in the hundreds before you’ve cleared out all of the coins. But what really makes this such a delicious challenge is that many concessions have been made to allow the player to take this game at his or her own pace.

First, you are granted access to several rooms at a time as opposed to being forced to play all the levels in order. This means that if one particular level is frustrating you to no end, you can take a break by playing another level that will frustrate you to know end and have you pining for the last room that was making you pull your hair out.

Second, as long as you make it to a room’s exit alive, you can save your progress for that room. That means you get to tackle rooms at your own pace. If you’re a platforming god, you can feel free to scoop up most or all the coins in a level in one shot. If you’re like the rest of us, you can nickel and dime your way through a level until it’s finished.

The ultimate effect is that MoneySeize at first looks impossible, but you eventually come to realize that if you just stick with it long enough, you can overcome. Now, I’m not suggesting you may not want to throw your laptop or keyboard through a window from time to time, but the rest of the time you give to MoneySeize will be time well spent.

Knightfall 2 Coming Soon

July 20, 2009


UK based developer, Megadev, has some big news coming. The sequel to its awesome match-3/rpg mash-up, Knightfall, should be dropping very very soon over at Armor Games.

The first Knightfall featured innovative game play and more than a few twists on the old match-3 puzzle genre. We have quite a bit of faith that Megadev took the old formula and ramped it up to make a game that’s bigger and better in just about every regard.

Kyratzes To Release New Work Soon

July 20, 2009

Salivate over this if you will:

Jonas Kyratzes remains one of my favorite indie developers. He is, in my estimation, among the best story tellers in the world of independent gaming, so I’m sure you can imagine my excitement upon learning about this upcoming release.

My anticipation is redoubled considering that not too long ago, Kyratzes actually hinted that he might give up making games completely. This would, of course, be a great loss to we who travel off the beaten path to get our gaming fixes. It’s unclear whether this is his swan’s song or not, but at least we get to enjoy his vision for at least one more title.

Without playing, my initial thoughts are somewhat mixed. The story behind Phenomenon 32 is intriguing. In an alternate Earth, a “reality bomb” is developed and its hellacious power is unleashed upon the world. Nearly all of humanity is wiped out with the exception of a small cadre of colonists on the moon. The tentative fate of mankind is further threatened when the moon colony begins to run out of resources. The only way to save the last of humanity is to send a mission back to the Earth to collect supplies if any remain.

It’s an ambitious plot, and one that Kyratzes is well equipped to deliver. But I also have to admit some apprehension. Kyratzes usual millieu is that of the point and click adventure. Phenomenon 32 is a metroidvania style platformer, and this means that Kyratzes finds himself in a field full of excellent titles. The thing about point and click style games is that there’s only so much you can do with the actual gameplay and the focus usually centers around the plot and puzzles. With platformers, the gameplay is the focus, and the most well intentioned platformer can be sucked under into mediocrity by poor controls.

Seeing this movie alleviates much of my fears, though. From the look of things, this game appears to be smooth as silk. From these few minutes of footage, it looks like Kyratzes is seeking to meld his trademark excellence in creating the perfect atmosphere, with high quality platforming action and discovery.

In other words, this game simply can not drop fast enough. We need to get our grubby little hands on this as soon as possible! Stay tuned here, or keep your eye on Kyratzes’ website for when it drops.


November 10, 2008


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