Site News: Moving? (update)

When I first decided to resurrect ADITMO, there were certain things I wanted to be able to do. While I have started regular posting again, I’m not even close to being at 100% of where I want to be and i’m already running into stumbling blocks.

That means that in the very near future I’ll be packing up my things and moving to a shiny new host complete with a new URL and everything.

I don’t know how long this will take, and how long, if at all, the site will have to go down to facilitate this. But I intend to continue posting regular up until moving day. Hopefully there will be a minimal interruption.

On the upside, when we come out the other end of the hiccup, I should be able to do a lot more than I currently am, including hosting some games right here on our own page. So sorry about the inconvenience and hopefully you’ll bear with me through the craziness should it come.

UPDATE: It’s done. Well, it’s not done, but the beginning is done. I mean, I have just purchased two whole years on a hosting server, so aditmo will be making the move to the new server (and dear sweet freedom) as soon as possible.

For a while there won’t be much different, but when all is said and done, the url will be So I’ll keep you informed when I’m informed. or whatever.

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