ADITMO Indefinitely Closed

Ahem.  It seems that this announcement is long over due, for which I apologize.

I will for the foreseeable future, not be updating here at ADITMO.  This is because my work at Jay is Games has become essentially a second job for me.  As my parents are coming to visit, I’ve been quiet there for a while, and will continue to be so until June 11th, but otherwise I’m a regular writer, a member of the helpsquad, one of the perveyors of JiG’s metaplace, etc., so on and so forth.  It’s very rewarding work that I’m quite passionate about.  I’m also working on trying to get an editorship there as well as working behind the scenes on a project that I hope comes to fruition.

So, I’m getting paid to write, I’m getting paid to play video games, and I love it, and for that I have no problems letting this place fall into decay.

Also, if you have a twitter account, look me up.  My username is PROTIPZ.  So follow me, where I talk about games, politics, and the usual grind of trying to convince my body to get up and do something non couch related before 1 in the afternoon.

3 Responses to ADITMO Indefinitely Closed

  1. proudgryffindor says:

    man that really sucks kyle it figures right when i get my act back together and get on here again u announce 2 days later that ur shutting it down! what bad luck! its my own fault though i suppose, and i apoligize from the bottom of my heart that i ever stopped following this and conversing with u and kim because i feel like i missed out on so many opportunities. its kind of funny, but i was rereading all of the ratbone histories today, and i happened to notice that one of my last comments on here was actually exactly a year ago today. just thought that was kind of funny. and by the way, is there even the slightest chance in the whole wide world of the nightshades making its way to its own universe anytime ever? i know what the probable answer is but i can’t NOT ask. anyways i also wanted to say that anybody in the world will understand what u have going, especially me in light of my reaasons for stopping to follow this in the first place, but sometimes life just gets too crazy and u have to cut back on some things. while i can’t express how much i wish u could keep this going so i could get back into things here, i can say again that it was my own fault for stopping in the first place and just that i wish u the best of luck with ur many other things u have going on, and just hope one day that we get to read some new wonderful fiction,(OR FANFICTION HAHAHA) from Kyle E. Moore aka GRIMMROOK!! cant wait to read ur response!


  2. Ginzig says:

    Good luck, Kyle. I’ll miss JE, I hope someday you finish that and publish it. Goodbye.


  3. Steven says:

    For the foreseeable future? Well, I suppose that’s better than permanent. I wish you luck in the future. I hope you do finish JE someday. Even if I do get to read it on here, it will be an instant purchase if I ever see it on the shelf in a bookstore. I hope your schedule someday will allow you to finish it.

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