News You Can Use (or Ignore)

I’m bringing it back yall… slowly but surely, I’m bringing it back.

What’s going on?  I bet you’re wondering!  Okay, maybe not, I’ve been woefully inattentive to this site, and I keep promising to rectify that and then never actually do. 

All that’s going to change (this time, I really really swear).  Granted, not all at once, I still kind of have to feel out my current sorting of my hobbies before I can fit all the pieces back together.

But the first and most important piece is of course the long awaited continuation of Journey’s End.  It was a long chapter to write, spread out over the course of months, but as of Tuesday I finally got the last little bit written down.  In the end, the little bugger weighed in at twenty-four pages at just a hair over ten-thousand words.

So, given how long it took to write, and how much there is, I also expect there to be lots to edit.

I’m still hoping to have it up no later than late Friday night, but possibly having to carry over to early next week depending on how quickly the editing process goes.

As for the other two things that this site is good for…

Music.  It’s going to be tougher and tougher to keep posting music.  That’s because since I first started doing musical posts over at Comments From Left Field, there has been a major shift wherein official videos are blocked from embedding.  This leaves me with only a few undesireable options.

I could post fan made videos, but I always feel weird doing that.  Many fan made videos are terrible or strange.

I could post live performances, but the problem with live performances is that they tend to sound awful, especially moving through YouTube’s sound system.

I could just start looking for independent music that wouldn’t have blocked official videos, but the fact of the matter is that my indie music snob days are behind me, and I’m just too lazy to go out searching for good new stuff.

So, for the time being, the morning juice is dead.  It may, however, come back to life as just interesting videos that catch my fancy for whatever reason.

The games… well, I definitely need to get back to posting games on a daily basis.  I’ve gotten rusty in both finding and reviewing games, and it’s affecting my ability to contribute positively at Jay is Games.  My work with games here I felt as kind of a way to keep sharp in the world of independent and casual games, and without that tool at my disposal, I’ve fallen off.

So game posts will eventually start back up, hopefully sooner than later.

That covers my writing, the music, and the games…  That should do it.  Music’s dead, chapter 10 of Journey’s End should be ready to go by next week at the latest, and I hope to start regularly posting games again VERY soon.

Until then, I’ve got one last surprise for you.  If you are really, really missing my general words flooding your head, you can listen to me at our new blogger radio show: CommentsCast.  Get used to my voice, too, as I eventually intend to put Journey’s End on audio for your listening pleasure!.

Well, I think that about covers it.  Unless I can find something else to procrastinate with, I think I’ll just get right on to editing Chapter 10, shall I?

12 Responses to News You Can Use (or Ignore)

  1. Ginzig says:

    Hi Kyle. It’s good to have a post from you. I’ve tried not to bother you, figuring you were recovering from the holidays. I look forward to the next edition of JE. Sorry to hear about Morning Juice, but I understand. When I have a little time I will have to check out the blogger radio show.

    Good luck, Kyle. I hope all is well with you.

  2. Don’t worry about poking and prodding me. Really, I need the external motivation.

    I’m not really recovering from the holidays, I mean I am, but also too I’m really dealing with life stuff like trying to get my repairs dealt with after having my baby damaged in two places, and the auto body shop just having its way with me.

    As for chapter 10… I’m scrubbing the whole thing. I finished it, went to start reading it for revision, and ugh, HORRIBLE. I think I know what I have to do to get it up to stuff, but I’m waiting for my helpers to catch up so I can discuss with them the best course of action.

  3. ginzig says:

    Now, that you say that, you know you’ll regret it. 😉 I’m only teasing. Life has not been good to me recently either. I never trust auto body places. I’m sorry you’re scrapping chapter 10, but if you think it’s that bad, I’m sure your next draft will be much better.

    It was -15 this morning when I left for work. I’m sick of snow and cold and being late to work because of the traffic. Sorr, just had to vent. I hate winter.

    Good luck on chapter 10.

  4. Thanks, sorry that everything is taking so long, there’s jsut a lot of a lot going on.

  5. Ginzig says:

    No problem. Did you enjoy the inauguration? I was working and they wouldnt let us watch it.


    I watched twelve hours of coverage and spent at least six hours of it in tears, if that’s any idea for ya.

  7. Ginzig says:

    Hi Kyle. Any update on the chapter? Hope all is going well for you.

  8. ginzig says:

    Where are you?? Have you been writing? I hope you’re doing okay.

  9. ginzig says:

    Do you need a kick in the butt??? What’s going on? I do hope you’ve just been busy and nothing is wrong. Take care.

  10. proudgryffindor says:

    hey kyle and ginzig (sorry i think ur real names kim right? but i didn’t wanna get it wrong and look stupid) do u guys remember me? i feel like i was at one time the 2nd most avid poster and reader of yours, until i completely fell off the band wagon and let u down with reading and reviewing on ur site and on ur newest projects! in short, life caught up, and i put some stuff online on hold and just kinda never got around to doing it! but i just got back into reading a lot of fanfiction, and just for kicks i went back and reread the whole epilogues series, and WOW! it was instentanious how i fell back in love with your writing almost right away! i really want to apologize to the 2 of you cuz i really regret stopping posting on here cuz i cannot tell u how much fun i had going back and forth with you guys. but i wanna come back now, if you even remember me and want me back lol! but in the meantime could one of you fill me in what has been going on in the last year as far as all of the stories, and especially the ones that involved taking the epilogues series and redoing them so they were not in harry potter universe? i’m actually almost done with nightshades again now, and i might actually start the series over as soon as i finish it!! so if there has been any headway at all regarding that, i would absolutly LOVE to know from one of you guys. thanks so much and please try to get back as soon as possible cuz after re-reading the epilogues series and a few posts on here i cannot tell u how its made me realize how incredibly much i’ve missed the 2 of you! I CANNOT WAIT to hear back from one of you.


  11. Ginzig says:

    Hi Phil, I do remember you and you did get my name correct. It is good to have you back….I don’t know what’s going on really….Kyle has stopped posting. I understand life gets busy, so I check back here occasionally for anything new. I’ve even sent him a couple emails with no replies, so really not sure if he’s continuing JE or anything else he had in mind. Maybe with you back, we’ll hear something from him.


  12. Ah, yes, I got so caught up, I never got around to making what was probably the most important announcement I need to make, didn’t I.

    Hold on a mo.

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