Steady…  steady…

Assembler comes to us with a premise that is in and of itself entirely unoriginal.  Your job is to stack crates and barrels so that you can place green crates in the green highlighted target zones, thus providing a pretty simple tanagram-like puzzler.

Unoriginal isn’t necessarily bad, mind you.  Though the concept for Assembler is relatively simple, if the game as described above were as simple as that it would still be a solid puzzler idea that would give the designer plenty of room to make devious levels that would keep you entertained for hours on end (or at least throughout the course of a decent coffee break).

But while the concept of Assembler isn’t exactly gifted with inspiration borrowed from the video game gods, the execution is.  You see, Assembler employs an incredibly realistic 2-D physics engine that can make navigating a crate through a serious of walls a challenging task, and adds a whole new dimension to the gameplay that makes the game outright addictive.

Sure, you can visual the solution to one puzzle, but actually making it happen is another obstacle completely.  Strangely enough, this physics engine gives the game the feel of trying to move a heavy couch down stairs, only instead of being painful and exhausting, it’s FUN!

What makes Assembler even more amazing is the creativity of the levels and the care with which the designers created the challenges you will face.  You start off just stacking boxes, but then you’ll have to figure out how to make barrels stable enough to balance on, you’ll have to deal with bouyancy issues, and so much more.

Great for a coffee break, or an evening when re-runs are boring you to tears, Assembler is a great game to kick off my return to ADITMO.


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