See the galaxy thanks to your new pet’s tongue!

Just so we’re clear, I’m a cat person.  I’m not a dog person, and I’m definitely not into birds or fish.  Give me a regular old cat, and I’ll probably be happy.  Although, if I were going to have a really unique pet, I would love either a Liger (yes, it’s not just a Napolean Dynamite joke, there actually is such a thing as a Liger, and it’s about twice as big as either a lion or a tiger.  Perhaps I shall post on this later), or I want a Red Panda which is easily one of the cutest animals that has ever set paw on this planet.

Of course, Aether has a pretty cool concept for an animal that shouldn’t be ignored.  Imagine a giant friendly blob thing with a tongue so long and powerful that you can use it to propel yourself into outer space.  Yeah, I’m a big fan of red pandas and ligers, but both kind of pale in comparison to that.

In Aether you and your new pet set off to explore the universe, propelling yourself around with its tongue much the same way that Spider-man uses that wrist web stuff.  Beyond that, I can’t give much more of a description of Aether as for such a seemingly small game it’s quite expansive.  I’ve only managed to reach one major planet so far, and I’m not exactly sure what i was supposed to accomplish while I was there.

Why I’m posting it now, though, is because this game is gorgeous, and once you get over the admittedly difficult learning curve, is really a treat to play.


One Response to Aether

  1. iin77 says:

    Wow. This game is so… eerie.

    The gameplay itself seemed pretty simple to me once I realized you’re supposed to click on the clouds. The puzzles weren’t all that difficult and the game was short. I’d say it’s really more art than game.

    But damn, the music, the animation, the diction… they’re all amazing. I was comletely engrossed in this game from beginning to end. Thanks for putting it up.

    Says to be continued… can’t wait for the next one.

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