Lars’ Adventure

…it can burn whole buildings!

There’s a lot of strange out there on the internets; if you don’t like weird, you might as well want to crawl up with a book and pretend that no one ever came up with anything remotely like the internet.

To this effect I thought I was largely inoculated against the oddities of the interweb.  Stick figure fighters, dancing fat kids, and music mash-ups based on the movie “300” should be enough to desensitize anyone against virtually anything.

But one can be wrong… so very, very wrong.

Welcome to Lars’ Adventure, a practice in strange, weird, and odd that should not be missed.  In it you are a weird peanut shaped guy with a top hat (no monacle, cane, walking stick, nor spats, though).  You are confronted by your moustachioed father who tells you that the land is plagued with monsters, and you have to do something about it.

What ensues is one of the strangest platformers I’ve ever played, complete with music that is at once unnerving and infectious.  Lars’ Adventure also happens to be one of the smoothest and well executed platformers I’ve played on line to date.

It just feels wrong for an online game played with your arrow keys to feel so right, yet it manages to do exactly that.  Collect coins for points, hit switch blocks to make platforms appear, grab the key, and find the door.

That’s all there is to it, but Lars’ manages to be immense amount of fun despite the simplicity of concept.

I do have a couple of gripes concerning the game.  The first involves a glitch I’ve come across twice, both made in attempting jumps that even i know I shouldn’t have been able to pull off.

If this glitch gets you, and it likely will, what will happen is you’ll all of a sudden find yourself hovering out over a bunch of nothing until you fall to your doom.

This would seem to be an almost deal-breaking hiccup, but it actually isn’t common enough to permanently impact the game in a negative fashion.

The other problem is that there simply isn’t enough of the game.  Just as I was beginning to feel as though the game was really hitting its stride and cranking up the difficulty, I was fighting the final boss which doesn’t take a whole lot of figuring out before it becomes a pretty simple battle.

The brevity of the game makes it something of a let down, but not so much so that you shouldn’t at least feel what a solid internet platform should feel and play like.

And remember kids, the atom bomb… it can burn whole buildings!


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