Ninja Glove

Do you have what it takes to wear the Ninja Glove?

To be a ninja it is not enough to be a master of stealth, you must become the shadows.  To be a ninja it is not enough to be a skilled assassin, you must become the angel of death.  To be a ninja, you must be able to form a smiley face from four rotated tiles in a matter of seconds!

At least, that would be one of the many requirements put forth to you in Ninja Glove, a micro-games game from  Ninja Glove is similar in concept to the popular Four Second Frenzy game in that you are tasked with playing a rapid assault of micro-games, each lasting no longer than a handful of seconds.

But that’s about all Ninja Glove has in common with FSF.

For one, unlike FSF where you use a keyboard, NG is mouse-based.  Thus this game is very much NOT laptop friendly.  If you are trying to play this game on a laptop, and you are the kind of person that gets real emotional about the games you are playing, you will likely be buying a new laptop in the near future.  This is because you will have probably thrown the old one across the room after only a couple of minutes.

Believe me, the only reason why my laptop is not merely a pile of useless parts right now is because I knew I would get another crack at the game at work with a mouse.

But that brings me to another difference between these two games.  Ninja Glove is hard.  Unbelievably hard.  Hard in the way that getting kicked in the nuts may just be a slightly less frustrating and face reddening experience.

Even with a mouse some of the games just seem outright impossible, the most obvious of which being the micro game where you have to dodge around a giant spinning block that is running at aproximately 80 BILLION rpm.

I did it once, and I ended up jumping up and down in celebration so much that I lost the next two games and my game ended right there.

But hard doesn’t necessarily mean bad.  For as challenging as Ninja Glove is, it’s actually quite fun.  The challenge doesn’t come from poor controls, or badly designed micro-games as much as it stems from a seemingly impossible time limit.

Added to that is a rather interesting and unique reward system-for each hundred points you score (with the exception of the first hundred.  You remain at the same rank from 0-200), you receive a new rank that is signified by a specific finger in the ninja glove.  If you don’t score so well, you remain a lowly pinky.  But as you get better and post more impressive scores, you also work your way up the digit heirarchy.

This is the kind of reward system that makes relatively simple gaming ideas absolutely addictive.  Games like Amorphous+ would be one or two shot games but it’s the awards that you can get that force you to go back over and over again.

Same principle here.  This game may be ridiculously hard, but you put yourself through it if for no other reason that to know what it feels like to be a ring finger for once.  Then, once you realize that only one finger gets lifted at a time, you HAVE to go see what happens when you progress to middle finger status!

Thankfully, while the game’s difficulty proves a strong obstacle to completionists out there, at least the game’s aesthetics make the ride a little easier on your senses.  The graphics are crisp, clean, and an almost perfect mix between retro pixel art, and more modern flash iconography.  The sound in this game seems to undergo a similar fusion, providing chiptune-esque sound effects that ping out at you from beneath a rockin’ heavy metal sound track.

There’s not much bad to say about this game, in fact.  It would be nice to see maybe a few more micro-games.  After all, that’s the key point to micro-game collections; variety and lots of it.  And there are at least one or two that I think are simply just unfair, again I reference the giant block rotating at the speed of sound.  But outside of that Ninja Glove is a strong browser based entry into the micro-game genre.


One Response to Ninja Glove

  1. Dylan says:

    Yes this game is hard. I played it 40+ times until I finally got the thumb rank and the reward code. I’m not spoiling it but the prize isn’t all that great. The spinning wheel this is frustrating at first but after I got it down pat I got it each time. The only one I had a lot of problems with was the dreaded mushroom pick. Only made 2 times.

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