Click click KABOOM!

Okay, so my plans to post games over the weekend falls in the epic fail category, but fear not dear readers, I’m back this Monday with an EXPLOSIVE entry.

From the makers of Bloons! comes Boombot, another addictive projectile launching puzzler, the twist is that this time the projectile is YOU!

In Boombot, the you have a little robot who needs to get to the portal.  For some reason, though, he has zero motor skills whatsoever, and your only available tool to move him is, well, bombs.  Thus, you must use the bombs at your disposal to launch the boombot towards the goal.

Helping or hindering you on your way will be TNT boxes that blow the moment you set an explosive off by them, oil cans that explode after a time delay, and jars of senso-gel which go BOOM just by touching them.  You’ll also have to contend with bricks, blocks, lazers, rubber walls, slippery ice blocks and so on and so forth.

The simple fact is, it should be a no-brainer that the makers of Bloons! would come through with yet another fun projectile game.  They executed Bloons brilliantly, but I think Boombot might just be better.

Initially boombot feels not entirely unlike Bloons, even the magnitude of your bombs are governed in the same exact way as the power of your darts from Bloons.  But this game is far more dynamic, far more action orienting, and thusly far more fun.

Key to this is the level design.  One of the things that I really love about this game is that the levels are not, generally, designed to be OMG-SO-HARD-I-THINK-I’M-GOING-INTO-ANAPHYLACTIC-SHOCK.  And if you’re upset because I spelled anaphylactic wrong, oh well.  The thing here is that these levels are built not necessarily with challenge in mind, but just outright good ol’ fun-fun-FUN!

On top of this the graphics offer up a lighthearted ambiance complete with your little boombot buddy who is suprisingly bursting with personality.

A game for young and old alike, give Boombot a shot, and I’m pretty sure you’ll have a blast!

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