The Great Escapes

Skutnik makes a series of rooms for everybody.

Mateusz Skutnik is perhaps most famous for his Submachine series, and a little less for his Covert Front games.  In each we find ourselves with traditional point and click mechanics combined with room escape style puzzles all wrapped up in a package that is disquieting to say the least.

Indeed, while I’ve never been good at Skutnik’s offerings, I’ve always appreciated them for their ability to convey a sense of darkness and loneliness; his ability to create worlds that are foreboding without being over the top scary is nearly unrivaled.

And yet the Great Escape series shows that he’s equally adept at working in a much less threatening environment.

Currently there are three Great Escapes and if it weren’t for a few telltale artistic giveaways, it would be nearly impossible to link them to the same creator of Daymare Town.  These rooms are bright, colorful, and cheery, with an upbeat music track that makes it next to impossible to feel anything other than slightly giddy.

On top of that the puzzles that you will need to solve to reach your ultimate goal of escaping are far from tortuous.  In short, Mateusz has created a series of games for everyone!

In so many ways does the Great Escapes series mark a broad departure from the genre.  Where as most room escapes typically shoot for minimalism, or realism, the Great Escapes are unapologetically cartoony.  Further, while the puzzles may not be inherently obvious to the most casual observer, they do tend to be far more logically (if even in a zany way) than those found in more serious offerings.

And I simply love the MacGuyver-esque approach to building tools to make your escape, complete with animations and everything.

For those who are relatively new to the genre, these jewels are a great way to get introduced, while the veterans of enough rooms to build an expansive hotel will find these games a great break from the more sombre and difficult titles in the field.

There are currently three out there right now:

The Great Kitchen Escape

The Great Living Room Escape

The Great Bathroom Escape


(ps.  Enjoy this while it lasts; tomorrow’s room escape won’t be nearly as friendly)

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