Text Twist

An oldie but a goodie.

Text Twist has been out there for roughly eighty billion years now.  As such I’m posting it more for archival purposes than anything else.

Still, I think it interesting that this game still consistently is seen as one of htemore popular word games out there.  In a way Text Twist has become the Scrabble of the casual gaming world, sustaining the onslaught of years of new word based games to stand the test of time.

Gameplay is simple. You are provided with six letters and from those six letters you must make up as many words as you can.  The more words, the higher your score.  But be careful, you only progress if you discover at least one of the six letter words available.

So enjoy this classic word game as we kick off the week.

4 Responses to Text Twist

  1. Ginzig says:

    This IS one of my all time favorites. On a slow day at work (at my old job), I made it to 300,000 before the damn game froze up on me. And I know I could do better. And since the kids are gone this afternoon, and I’m not at work…. oh, it’s your fault, Kyle. I blame you if I don’t get anything worthwhile done because you posted this. Evil.

  2. My all time high score is in the 4 millions. To do that, though, we had to leave the computer up and running for days so I could keep coming back to it in my spare time.

    There’s actually a deluxe version of the game you could buy that extends the word length out to seven letters and lets you look up the definition of each word.

  3. Ginzig says:

    4 millions…that’s disgusting. And I thought I had done well with getting 300,000 one day at work.

  4. Well, there are two things to think about when it comes to Text Twist… Maybe a third.

    1) I don’t get stumped on the six letter words, period. I simply don’t. They are the first that I go after and I don’t stop working on the six letter word until I’ve found it. Even still, I usually figure it out sometime within the first thirty seconds.

    2) It did take me DAYS to get to 4 million.

    3) It was a couple of years ago when that happened. I haven’t really tried for a high score since.

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