Rain Words

Crossword junkies rejoice!

Are you the kind of person that tries to get a grab at the newspaper in the break room before someone else gets the day’s newspaper?  Do you have a bunch of half-filled crossword books piling up somewhere?

My friends, Rain Words may just be the game for you!

Rain words is a crossword game with a twist.  Instead of written clues you are given verbal clues which are constantly raining down the screen.  All you have to do is drag the picture over to the open spot you think it belongs in.

Sounds easy?  Well, yeah it is–at least it is on the easy mode.  The hard mode, however, tends to be on the tricky side.

As an alternative to the old crossword formula, rain words is not likely to rock that particular part of the puzzling world.  However, I find the idea fresh and unique, maintaining some of the elements of crossword solving, while adding some interesting mechanics that mixes things up.

Granted some of these additions seem gratuitous.  For instances, is there really any purpose served by having the pictures constantly scrolling downward?  Not really, but I like it anyway.

Not exactly something that will replace the New York Times’ Sunday behemoth, Rain Words isn’t spectacular, but it’s fun enough to give you something to do during your coffee break, and you won’t even have to fight over the paper puzzle with your coworkers to get to it.

2 Responses to Rain Words

  1. Ginzig says:

    NOW this is the game for me! I LOVE word puzzles. It’s about time! heheeh I’ll play it as soon as I have time. It’s been hectic today and I’m still moving slow, though it’s better after sleeping for 9 hours straight passed out on muscle relaxers. ahhh doing the same thing tonight.

  2. Well, I know exactly what tomorrow’s game will be then.

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