Kinetikz 2

It’s not THAT hard, really!

Continuing on with our theme of physics based action puzzlers comes Kintetikz 2; a sequel with a style upgrade, and a devious twist on game play mechanics.

And when I mean twist, I mean that quite literally.

Much like the original, the goal in Kinetikz 2 is quite simple.  There is a puck that you must guide to the same colored goal.  This is accomplished by launching little balls at the puck which hopefully gets it moving in the direction you want it to.  Standing in your way will be a series of obstacles because what fun is a game that is too easy, right?

Blue lines that span the playing field will kill your puck.  These are hard enough to negotiate around, except you must also contend with enemies which try and push your puck into the blue line, conveyor belts, spinners, and sticks that rotate around a pivot point.

Oh, and did I mention you will have to rotate the whole board, too?

This is the chief mechanical deviation between this game and its predacessor.  While in the original all of your shots must be mapped out a la billiards to get your ball to hit the puck and a specific angle on a static board, now you have the option of rotating the playing field around for a better shot.  And believe me, you’re going to use this feature an awful lot.

This addition to Kinetikz’s gameplay is interesting, but ultimately feels as though it kind of falls flat, especially when you start turning the table to try and prevent your puck from hitting the blue line, and yet you fail to get there fast enough.

Beyond that, the only other seeming difference is that Kinetikz received something of a face lift, but at the cost of a great deal of speed.  This leads to perhaps Kinetikz’s greatest flaw.  The first Kinetikz was decently fast paced, but the sequel feels a bit too sluggish, and therefore loses some of the dynamic feel of the first.

Still, this little puzzler remains a fun diversion that should keep you entertained through a lunch break.

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