Dirty Split

Murder’s never been so sublime.

Dirty Split is nothing new.  It was released a while back–the catch was that it was released in German.  THANKFULLY, Dreamagination decided to redo the game, complete with English voice acting, so that we here, and our limey friends across the pond, could enjoy this delightful little murder mystery.

And here’s the very best part; it’s 100% free!

You won’t think so after you’ve started playing.  No, you’re likely to think, ‘man, am I sure I didn’t just drop twenty bucks for this game?’  Because what pops right out at you is the fact that this is professional grade game making here.

The hand drawn visuals are gorgeous, harkening back to the Father Knows Best style of the late fifties, and with the exception of a few hiccups, the voice acting is top notch, with the voice of Al Baxter being borderline perfect for both the character, and the game’s overall mood.

And what is that mood?  Interestingly enough, I came away from Dirty Split very, very relaxed–interesting for a murder mystery.

But that may be what is so refreshing about this title; it’s insistence that it stray from the norm.  Murder mysteries are supposed to be intense, on the edge of your seat thrillers, and yet this one is calm and relaxed, and most surprising, I’m okay with it.

I’m okay with the elevator muzak background, and the nearly hypnotic tone of the lead character.  I simply don’t think this game would be nearly as good without it.

And this is probalby because the actual game itself is about as strenuous as its low key ambience.

There are some problems, though.  For one, I think Dreamagination missed the mark on their puzzle choreography.  The puzzles more often than not seem gratuitous; almost as though they were thrown in as an afterthought so as not to make the player feel left out.

Also, at least in the beginning of the game, the dialogue tends to be a little exhaustive, and repetitious.  This I chalk up to the fact that this is an English translation of what was originally a German script, and there was probably some stuff lost in translation.  After a while, though, the dialogue does calm down some.

But the flaws here are far outweighed by beautiful aesthetics, and a decently told story.

I wouldn’t call Dirty Split a great game, but it’s definitely a solid title that begs for a better executed sequel.  And for $0.00 who are you to turn down a nice afternoon investigating a murder mystery?

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