Bubble Tanks 2

I’m going to guess this isn’t what Don Ho had in mind when he sang about “tiny bubbles.”

You’re one mean fighting machine.  You’re fast and destructive, and you eat up the leftovers from your enemies and use them to make you bigger, stronger, and more deadly.

The twist is that you are made completely and totally of bubbles.

It sounds weird, but believe me, it works, and it works very very well.

You start out as an unassuming little bubble with the ability to shoot little red bubble bullets.  But as you take down the unwitting little guy foes, you will be able to collect the bubbles left over from the carnage and use that to build your tank up to a seemingly limitless number of bubble death bringing possibilities.

Using the arrow keys or wasd keys to move, and the left mouse button to fire your primary weapon, your mission is to navigate the various bubble fields, destroying any enemies you should find on your way.

The bubbles you collect from these skirmishes serve several different roles.  For one, they are your health.  The more bubbles you have, the more hits you can take.  When all of your bubbles are gone, you are ejected back to the closest safe bubble field, and you must start from scratch.  Your bubbles also change the way you look.

Perhaps most importantly, though, bubbles act as a kind of experience points system.  Once you’ve attained a certain number of bubbles, you will be allowed to upgrade your bubble tank to a higher level, choosing from as many as three different basic templates tank each with its own unique look, primary attack, and in some cases secondary attacks.

These secondary attacks, usually activated by the space key, really change the battle dynamics, and can give you a major advantage over your pursuers.

Now, I had never played the original Bubble Tanks, but for this game I went and checked it out, and let me tell you, there is no contest, the sequel definitely outdoes the original by a mile and a half.

While the original was fun, Bubble Tanks 2 adds layers of depths and complexity that really turns the game into a far more rewarding experience.  On top of that, there is now an arena mode, and a “bubblepedia” which acts as a gallery for all the foes you felled in combat.

Improvements are good, but on its own, Bubble Tanks 2 is far more than just an improvement on a good design.  It’s smooth and stylish, challenging, and yet (if done right anyway) easy enough to engage novices.

Especially now, with the customized upgrading system, you can build a tank that suits your playing style.

It is rare when a game comes along that I can’t find SOMETHING to criticize it for, but when it comes to Bubble Tanks 2, whatever flaws it may have are simply too minute for me to even bother trying to figure them out.

Play Bubble Tanks 2, and fall in love with it!

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