Inquisitive Dave

A short, pixelated, adventure for your Thursday evening.

Well, with two days left in the work week, that means I can squeeze in at least two more games before I have to put it down for about a week and a half.  Lucky you.

Today’s little gem is Inquisitive Dave, a throw back, at least in visual style, to the days of perhaps my favorite console of all time; the Super Nintendo.  In content, it’s kind of hard to pin down exactly what Inquisitive Dave is.

In the beginning, it feels somewhat like a stripped down Escape the Room type game.  Sure, not a REAL ETR type, but at least some sort of experimental reinvention of the style.  Then, after you’ve escaped the room, it morphs into a KNYTT type game that is more open ended exploration than anything else.

When you have finally worked your way through Inquisitive Dave’s many puzzles, it changes yet again into some sort of 4th wall experiment.

I don’t know.

What I do know is that the visuals are great.  I don’t know about the music, having had to play it on mute, but the controls are thankfully mouse free (sometimes I just crave a controller sands analog sticks, vibrations etc) and suitably tight, and the puzzles are just the way I like them; solvable.

Further, the game opens up with a nice sense of humor, which you almost have to have in an adventure game like this, but I’m still not sold on the shift in tone that occurs much later on down the road.

That I still need to digest.

But while I’m digesting, give Inquisitive Dave a shot.

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