RagDoll Cannon

RagDolls + Cannons = Awesome

Thanks to my friends over at Jay is Games, we have a great physics based action/puzzler to kick off the week with.

I don’t know what it is, but there’s just something about ragdoll models that have turned them into one of the most abused entities of all time.  Search long enough on the seven internets and you will find ragdolls that are tortured, maimed, forced to swing from squiggly shape to squiggly shape using spiderman like arm rope thingies (I know, it sounds cool, until you fall), and defend the Earth against aliens with nothing but guns for arms and legs that don’t exactly work.

And now we get to shoot them out of cannons.

Thankfully, shooting these little blue men is far less traumatizing than shooting clowns out of a cannon for a number of reasons.

The goal in RagDoll Cannon is to shoot a said ragdolls such that they at least touch the “Here” block in each stage.  At first this seems pretty easy, but you will soon be confronted with seemingly impossible obstacles.

Luckily, just shooting a ragdoll at very high velocities into a brick wall can be a cathartic experience, allowing you to blow off steam even as the steam builds up in the midst of trying to puzzle your way through a particularly tricky level.

As with any physics based game, this title is at the mercy of its own physics engine, which I must admit to being rather good.  The problem with physics games is that unlike non physics based games, you must accept both the positives and negatives of the realities of the world you create.  Thus, you will see one of your ragdolls doing somewhat hinky things, such as impaling themselves on walls, or sliding upwards or through various platforms.

Whether these are errors or not, I can’t say, but they can give you a moment’s pause.

Regardless, this is an extremely fun game, and one that you can keep enjoying after you’ve beaten all the levels for the reason that the physics engine really is that much fun to play around with.

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