A Mondo Sequel

More tv heads and LASER INDIANS! (After clicking on the pic, scroll down for the download)

It’s been quite a while since I’ve been this excited over a sequel.  Yes, there are plenty of talented developers out there, but Mondo Medicals was such a unique experience that left such a lasting impression that I can’t help get excited over Cactus’ sequel entitled Mondo Agency.

The story line, apparently, is that now you are an agent working for Mondo Agency, and you are tasked with saving the president.  If the president dies, the world dies (or maybe the other way around, I’m not sure), and among the illogical puzzles you should be used to from now on, you must also contend with LASER INDIANS!

I have to type that name in all caps because the whole idea of LASER INDIANS is so ludicrous as to only be awesome.

Unfortunately, I have yet to even try this game, and won’t have a chance to sit down and curl up with it for a couple of weeks, but I’ve seen some game play footage, and from what I’ve seen everything looks just ridiculously cool.  From the first screen shot I saw, I worried that perhaps Cactus might have cleaned up the game from the original, which would have been something of a let down for me.  Part of Mondo Medicals’ brilliance stemmed from the rough presentation.

Well, the footage I got a chance to watch eased my fears.  The game still looks rough, which means it looks completely awesome.

And the LASER INDIANS!  Whew.  I’m itchin’ to get a run through on this one as the lady whose voice over was provided with the game play was actually screaming upon having a LASER INDIAN sneak up on her.

So, yes, I will unfortunately have to sit on my hands for a while before giving this puppy a test run, but you don’t have to.  Download it, try it out, let me know what you think.

(h/t Mr. Kio)

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