Viva Voodoo

“If at first you don’t succeed, die die again.”

Let me just say straight up that Viva Voodoo has turned into one of the biggest disappointments in the casual game world for me.  That’s not to say you shouldn’t explore the site, play Launch Party, and build yourself your own little voodoo doll that’s just “too dumb to die.”

My one beef is that, after well over a year, I would have liked to have seen another game by now.  Ah well.  That’s how it goes sometimes, I suppose.

I wouldn’t be nearly as disappointed if what we’ve seen thus far from them wasn’t so good.  The background music is addicting, the overall production value is clean and smooth, and, really, there’s just not much to dislike about what there is to see.

The first (and to date, only) game, “Launch Party” is a typical item launching game in the same vein as Flight of the Hamsters, but it’s incredibly well executed, using the blank slate that such games provide to show off the Viva Voodoo brand sense of humor.

And it’s some twisted humor.

This is not safe for children, and depending on whos prudish your employers are, may not be safe for work (though, those would have to be some very prudish employers indeed).

When a gang of voodoo dolls find themselves in Los Loas, the voodoo doll equivalent of purgatory, they must kill themselves by any means necessary to escape.  This would mean that escaping would be far simpler if they could actually die in the first place, or at the very least realized that they don’t actually have to die, but instead simply follow the exit signs.

Thus are we thrust into this darkly funny world.  If only it was just a little bit more expansive.

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