Ginormo Sword Walkthrough (Final Version)

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  1. Saturn500 says:

    The snow queen is actually light element -_-

  2. Thanks for the tip. I’ll check it out.

  3. LostHope19 says:

    I can’t seem to get to the avatar… I’ve beaten the False God, activated the trophy, beaten all of the temples (multiple times), and turned off then reactivated my trophy, but I still can’t leave Earth. Any ideas?

  4. Um… Have you beaten the hellhound? I do believe the hellhound is considered a boss.

    Believe me, you’re not the first person to come across this problem, and I’ve been meaning to try and get in touch with babarageo to see if there’s a glitch, or if there’s really just a misunderstanding as to the requirements to leave Earth.

    Me personally, I didn’t understand the difference between the first time I tried and the second, but I couldn’t leave Earth on the first attempt, but when I restarted, I had no problems.

    Make sure you’ve beaten the hellhound, go back and fiddle with the trophy, make sure it’s turned on, leave.

    If that doesn’t work, try, I don’t know, beating the two pyramids as well.

    then fiddle and try again.

    I’ll try and send Babarageo and let me know how that works.

  5. LostHope19 says:

    Hmmm… Well, I have already beaten the hellhound as well as the two temples… Aside from the Star of Whatever you get from the Avatar, my inventory is complete… I have the last dragon and a couple of demons missing from my library still… maybe I need to cmoplete the library first. I think that I’ll also try getting all of my stats above one thousand, since my Endurance is only in the six hundreds. I hope one of these things works!

  6. No, filling your library doesn’t matter. When I went back and beat the Avatar, I think my library was only in the high eighties.

    This leads me to believe that you may not have finished all of the shrines properly.

    You should have gotten 100 g bag out of the Strength, Endurance, and Fate shrine, with intelligence shrine being the only one that doesn’t give up some coin.

    If you can tell me exactly what you did in each, I could probably help.

    But remember, Strength shrine isn’t bad, you just need to kill the wall, no magic allowed.

    Intelligence shrine, do not swing your sword once, and probably shouldn’t go in with any pets (in fact, no pets for any of the shrines). Don’t attack at all, just walk on all the slimes.

    endurance, no pets, no attacking, just wait for the fairy to continue shooting at you and collect the gold bag. I had once left the room and walked around a little, and there was no bag when I returned, so I’m guessing that doesn’t count.

    As for fate, make sure you get the real gold bag, and then leave the shrine safely.

    I have a real stressful day coming up tomorrow, but if you don’t mind waiting, I’ll try and e-mail Babarageo no later than Friday. I’m not hopeful, though, considering that he’s Japanese, I’m not sure how good of a grasp of the English language he has.

    Can I ask if your trophy is flashing?

  7. LostHope19 says:

    My trophy is not flashing, but I did all of that exactly in the temples. It’s find that you are busy for awhile… I’ve got all summer 🙂 Lol. If Baba doesn’t help, oh well. I’m going to go do another run through of the temples now. I’m gonna fire Nin Nin too :). Grrr.

    Thanks for the help!

  8. LostHope19 says:

    That was odd…… I did the exact same thing I did the other five times I tried this, but it worked this time! Yaaaaay! I’m gonna go try to fight Avatar now!

  9. Yeah, fire nin nin, then do your temple run.

    If I don’t get a good answer from baba by the end of this weekend, you could do what I did and just start from the beginning. It may sound like a hassle, but trust me, the second time through is much easier than the first.

    In any case, you are the third person (myself included) that has run into this problem, and since I’ve got a walkthrough pending for Jay is Games, I want to know what the deal is as well.

    Thanks, and hey, while you wait, I hope you don’t mind if I partake in a little self promotion and ask you to check out some of the other stuff on the site?

  10. LostHope19 says:

    Wow… Beating Avatar makes this game sooo easy! So many power ups O_O

  11. So, I’m guessing you figured it out?

    Care to share?

  12. LostHope19 says:

    I’ll check out some other stuff, sure 🙂 I’ve been looking for some good games and other things to do while my internet is acting up.

    I’m pretty sure that Nin-Nin was the problem. I didn’t have all of my stats above 1000 when it worked, so that isn’t it. I guess that the temples have to be beaten solo. Thanks again with all the help!

  13. Not a problem, and thanks for letting me know. Now that you’ve beaten Avatar, as you said, you can drop some serious money in stats now. In fact, one of my swords’s stats is over 10,000. I don’t really play much anymore, though. Once I got 100% on my library, that kind of took it for me.

    Now, if Baba had another incentive, like a second library or something, to beating the game with the star equipped, I would keep playing, but as I understand it, that’s just not the case.

  14. DjM says:

    I can’t seem to be able to buy the chaser spell…I don’t know, the dancing people are there, but I’ve checked time after time and still no shop.
    Is there something I have to do to get it to open?

  15. No, you just have to be patient and keep trying, over

    and over

    and over

    Again. And make sure you have your 100 mil ready, nothing more frustrating than spending 20 minutes trying to get the shop to appear only to find you miscounted your zeros.

  16. DjM says:

    Alright…oh well, I beat Avatar a few times…I dont think Ill have to worry about that! But thanks, I’ll try it.

  17. DjM says:

    Ok, done. Got it. Thanks.

  18. Raymond says:

    HOW DO YOU GET THE CHASER?!?!?!?!?!??!

  19. JBR says:

    Good stuff. Just one thing to add really: Once you’ve beaten the avatar a few times and upped your stats with the money, the hidden icy area in section 14 becomes a useful grinding ground again. Enter holding the order of the star and hope for orks, goblins and harpies. Level 3 creatures will yield over a billion gold a pop, and are still pretty easy to kill.

  20. Ray; The Abyss Worm Does not yield the chaser; he yields the shockwave spell. The chaser is available on the eighth board in a town that NORMALLY only shows a few people hanging out. If you keep going in and out, however, you’ll eventually enter and find not the same people hanging out, but instead a wizard selling the Chaser for a 100 mill!

    JBR: Thank you very much. And I appreciate the tip. If I can remember, I’ll edit it for the version that should get posted up at Jay is Games whenever Jay gets around to establishing a walkthrough page.

    I have still yet to go back and verify that the Ice Queen is weak against dark as well. But yeah, I think I noticed what you are talking about as well.

  21. Raymond says:

    Oh nvm i found out how to hack it with cheat engine5.4

  22. Raymond says:

    How do you beat the false god?
    I have 400 intel, strength, and vit.
    9 armor,
    NIN NIN,
    100 enchanted energy blade,
    and about 300mil

  23. Raymond says:

    nvm I finished the game O.O

  24. Sorry, Raymond. I kinda was busy this past week.

    So, you beat the game? Avatar included?


  25. superspace says:


  26. superspace says:

    Raymond; how did you hack this game on cheat engine? Please tell me!!!

  27. superspace says:

    I beat doppleganger like 36 fucking times and only got this stupid lightning rod sword. wtf where is shockwave spell?????????

  28. Stupid idoit. you get shockwave from abyss worm in the pyramid in the 11th board.

  29. That lightning sword yur talking about is the energy sword which PWNS!!!!

  30. I was about to say, I got the location of the shockwave spell in the walkthrough two or three times.

    To be honest, I always felt it was a worthless spell. Chaser is much better.

    As for the energy swords. All the swords are the same, for the most part, and once you have them leveled up in the thousands, you can’t even tell the difference in shape anymore (exception, energy sword, of course).

    I was never a fan of the energysword because by the time I got it, my other swords were far superior.

  31. Well you COULD always just upgrade it and upgrade ti and upgrade it by killing the avatar multiple times. It works for me.

  32. mzxrules says:

    I can’t seem to activate the trophy myself. I’ve done all of the challenges several times, and I have a 99% cleared library, all the items, and some wonky stats (1100 INT, like 600 STR, 300ish LUCK) but I can’t seem to get to Avatar since the trophy doesn’t want to activate….

  33. Getting to the avatar requires troubleshooting, though, you shouldn’t have much problems when you get there given your stats.

    with 99% complete, I think it’s safe to say that either you aren’t doing the challenges properly, or you have, and you’re missing something very small.

    Okay, on the challenges. Make sure you’ve done all four. Make sure you get a gold bag from the lower three. The intelligence shrine doesn’t hand out gold bags, but you can use the gold bag as an indicator of success on the other three. For the intelligence shrine, be very careful, don’t even swing your sword once.

    And finally, and someone a while back was stuck on this, and when this gets posted at Jay is Games, I’m going to update it. NO PETS. Make sure you have completed all the shrines without the usage of a pet.

    Can I ask if your trophy flashes? Damn it, I’m just going to have to go through and beat the game again!

  34. wasd says:

    Note on NPCs: They are terribly annoying (especially early game), but they aren’t completely useless: they drop stat fruits!

    Fighter, Ranger: Strength

    Priest: Vitality

    Mage: Intelligence

    Thief, Ninja: Luck

    They are the earliest source of fruits, but don’t drop them nearly as often as the Trent family, even late-game with high Luck (which most DEFINITELY decreases monster rarity, by the way). The classes might drop other class-specific fruits as well, but my list seems pretty consistent over the time I’ve been playing. Their best use is in early-game grinding for a specific stat (focus on killing the class you want, then leave), and even that’s pretty dubious. (One-hit Ygg FTW!) Too bad they don’t scale up their gold or fruit drops along with their level (which seems stat-based and not sword-based, can’t figure the formula).

  35. I did not know they dropped fruit. I’m not sure that changes my opinion on them, especially since I’ve never been one much to chase fruit. I mean we can go back and forth on the value of hunting fruit dropping creatures, but if you’re talking that they drop fruit even less quickly than Trents, I really don’t see the point.

    But I totally agree with you on the end point. Specifically that it really feels like a design flaw that they should increase gold or fruit drops as they increase level. It would definitely increase the incentive to fight them. As it stands, they can be too hard and the payoff not worth it in the early levels, and in the later levels, they’re too boring and the payoff is still not worth it.

  36. Sevaar says:

    I one hit k.o’d dark mist by using water

  37. Sevaar says:

    im fighing the iron golem. hes a blue and gray collosus

  38. Sevaar says:

    he dropper 500,000 gold!!!

  39. Sevaar says:

    i killed a cyclops in tpqcx foot.

  40. Sevaar says:

    I just killed a dryad, a blue trent

  41. iin77 says:

    I’ve been having the same problem as mzxrules. I’ve done all the bosses, including the pyramids and the hellhound. I’ve done the shrine tests at least 10 times, following what you say *exactly.* I’ve done them with and without a helper. I’ve tried to go off the top of the map immediately after doing the final shrine each time, as well as after turning the trophy off and back on each time. The trophy has never “flashed,” and I’ve never been able to go into outer space.

    I have not yet gotten the hyper armor, but your guide gives me the impression you didn’t have it the first time you faced the Avatar. Is hyper armor necessary for going into outer space?

    Though they probably don’t matter, my stats are:

    Strength: 455
    Vitality: 231
    Intelligence: 460
    Luck: 886
    Library: 84%

  42. Yeah, you are going to want to get the hyper armor. I know you’re stats seem extreme, but without the hyper armor, even that low the Avatar will still make quick work of you.

    Um, go after the hyper armor–it’s going to take you a while, first to find the golden knight, and then to kill him, and let me know. I’m no longer updating this walkthrough, but I am going to take all the comments from here and use them to update my walkthrough when it gets published on Jay is Games (which I hope to occur sometime this century).

    While I know this sucks for you, I really appreciate the feedback I’m getting. What seems to be the biggest drawback to this game is that it’s unclear exactly what needs to be done to get to the Avatar. I had problems with it myself the first time I went through, but the second time I went through the game there were no problems, and I’ve not intention of doing it a third time. So while it sucks for you, you’re problems are helping me pinpoint EXACTLY what is needed to get to the Avatar.

    As far as if I had the hyper armor in my first go around, I did have it, but didn’t have it equipped. So, imagine stats that were roughly double yours, and I still got pwn’d in under thirty seconds.

    Okay, I just reread your comment and you say that your trophy has never flashed. But you say you did the shrines exactly right, you beat both pyramids, beat all bosses, including the hellhound, and did all shrines with and without a helper.

    This definitely leads me to believe that either you absolutely do need the hyper armor, or there’s something wrong with one of the shrines. Because I’m going to believe you for now on the shrines, let’s go after that hyper armor first, and see if we can’t make some magic happen.

  43. Another thing.

    Since we’re going to be hunting for the hyper armor, I suggest you do this on the prime camping spot on board fourteen.

    This is because the Golden Knight seems just about as likely to show up there as he is to show up on the Living Armor spawn spot, only the secret area is a much better place to camp.

    Your stats aren’t going to matter too much, but what will matter once we get this figured out is making sure you have a sword that has massive stats and a whole lot of black enchantment on it. So if you camp at the secret area on board 14, you can kill two boards with one stone; finding your hyper armor, and building up your Avatar killing sword.

  44. iin77 says:

    Okay, I got the hyper armor, and did the shrines again. My trophy still doesn’t flash and it still won’t let me off the map. I also went and got a yummy bone just in case, and nothing. I did them three times: once with a helper, twice without. I tried to go off the map immediately after the final shrine each time and after turning the trophy off and back on each time.

    So this would indicate I’m doing the shrines incorrectly (though I doubt I am). From the three shrines, I get the money bags, so there’s no way I did them incorrectly. For the intelligence shrine, I simply walked over all the slimes and left. The order I did the shrines (because of the small possibility it might matter) was strength, vitality, intelligence, luck.

    Tried it twice more while typing this, with coin of bravery on and without taking damage from slimes (sometimes they deal damage while stepping on them). Still no luck.

    Also, since I’ve no idea where to go from here, what items were you using when you did the shrines?

    I’m going to increase my stats to >500 and see if that helps. Meh.

  45. mzxrules says:

    I don’t think getting hyper armor will change anything, because I have it myself and I still can’t get out to the moon.
    I wonder if the moving wall fight has to be beaten quickly maybe?

  46. Okay, I know stats don’t matter, and thanks for the heads up on the hyper armor, mzx.

    As for the wall… did you turn your magic off before playing it?

    In any case, I’ve had this come up enough times to where I’m going to try and email babara about exactly what is required to do this.

    Here’s another thing that I thought about; has everyone found ALL of the hot spots in the game? This may be a factor as well. Most places have it at three monster fights and a boss fight, but there are squares that will let you proceed with just three monster battles beaten with the fourth one not counting.

    I’m not sure.

    Again, I’m going to try emailing Babara, but I make no promises.

  47. iin77 says:

    I thoroughly searched every map for more places, and found one on the int shrine map. I did the shrines again, and still nothing. It’s possible I’m still missing some, but I went through all the maps three times looking everywhere.

  48. Damn.

    This is going to irritate me.

    All bosses (including hell hound)

    All shrines no pets.

    All pyramids

    Did you uncover Wan Wan’s home?

    And did you click on the trophy like mad? I know you said you did, but try it again.

    What does your trophy say when you get to the inventory screen in your homebase?

    Mine says, “Trophy of glory. Key to another world.”

  49. iin77 says:

    Yes. I’ve done all that. I tried clicking it like mad now. It still says “Prize for defeating false god.” It’s never said anything else.

    My best guess is that there’s some mob place that I just can’t seem to find for some reason.

    If you have time, could you list the number of mob places in each section?

  50. I’m busy at the moment, but as soon as I get a chance, I will.

  51. Board 1: 3 enemy, 1 boss, 2 hidden, 1 homebase

    Board 2: 3 enemy, 1 boss, 1 shrine

    Board 3: 3 enemy, 1 blacksmith, 1 boss

    Board 4: 4 enemy, 1 hidden (1st spell), 1 boss

    Board 5 (above 4): 3 small castles, 3 large castles, 1 boss

    Board 6: 3 enemies, 1 pyramid, 1 shrine, 1 hidden (Indigo Rogers), 1 boss

    Board 7: 3 enemies, 1 pyramid, 1 boss

    Board 8: 3 small castles, 1 large castle, 1 enemy, 1 boss

    Board 9 (above 8): 4 enemies, 1 shrine, 1 boss

    Board 10: 1 Library, 3 enemies, 1 boss

    Board 11: 1 pyramid, 3 enemies, 1 boss

    Board 12: 1 shrine, 1 hidden NIN NIN, 3 enemies, 1 boss

    Board 13 (above 12): 2 large castles, 1 small castle, 1 enemy, 1 boss

    Board 14: 2 enemies, 1 small castle, 1 large castle, 1 boss

    Board 15: 2 small castles, 1 large castle, 1 enemy, 1 boss

    Board 16: 2 bosses

    Note, this is just a tally, and not meant to be accurate as to what the actual places are. For instance in one of the boards I mention a pyramid. This is not one of the pyramid challenges, though, but instead a mummy spawning point.

  52. iin77 says:

    Ugh. I have all of them, plus another one on board 12 that you don’t have.

    So yeah… tomorrow I’m just gonna do every boss in the game over again. I don’t know what else to do.

  53. Okay, we’re going to do something new so I can see your game and do it from my end.

    First, you’re going to do a windows search for “ginormo” When you do this, make sure you do an advanced search, make sure you search for all files and folders, and make sure it searches in HIDDEN folders as well.

    This is important, if you don’t do a hidden file search you’ll run a search over and over again and never find it.

    You should eventually get a ginormo folder that pops up. When you double click on it, it’ll open up and you should have a file that will end in .sol

    What I need you to do is try to email me a copy of that file. If you have winrar or winzip, I’ve understand you should try and zip it first.

    In anycase, you’re going to want to copy that file somewhere else, in a new folder, to your desktop, just don’t remove it from its location. If you can’t zip it, put it in a folder and email the folder to me.

    What I want to try and do is put your file on my home computer. I actually don’t have a big Ginormo sword game at my home computer–I played through on my work computer. So I’m more than happy to try and take a look under the hood and see what you got, and see if the reason you’re not getting to the avatar is because we’re both missing something kind of silly.

    Give it a shot, try not to destroy your sol file, and if you DO end up ruining your game, look at the bright side; I couldn’t get off the planet my first time through, but after I quit and tried again it just happened.

    Don’t have any clue why either.

    But like I said, try and do this, send me your sol file, I’ll take a look, and if I can figure it out I’ll let you know. Otherwise, I’m going to bed and I’ll send Babara that email tomorrow.

  54. Can you please name all the enemies for me? I can’t seem to find them all, so can you name them so I know who I’m looking for?

  55. Chromotron says:

    You may want to take a look at the Ginormo Sword Wiki: .
    There is a complete list. In general, most monsters just have 4 different levels (even the dragon on map 15); for all others, it’s very likely that you have beaten all of them.

  56. Yeah, I don’t list all the monsters, but I do list all the families and tell you how many different types are in each.

    I wanted to do a fully illustrated bestiary, but couldn’t because wordpress only lets you upload so many pictures, and the computer I got this far with was my work computer which isn’t the best computer to upload pictures from.

  57. iin77 says:

    I can’t seem to find your email address anywhere. I found the file and copied it and everything, though.

  58. kebla says:

    Alright, first things first. I absolutely loved this walk through. Sure, this game might not be as difficult or complex as the console games, but at the same time you can’t exactly buy the strategy guide or look it up on gamefaqs should you get stuck. *cough* Efreet *cough* I can definitely tell you that the hyper armor is not the issue. I got the trophy, beat the hellhound, solved the shrines and got to the moon without beating the golden knight. I did not beat the avatar though. Without that armor, the avatar totally raped me. However, leaving earth was not without its issues. I looked around the whole world, looking for some sort of portal or cut scene that would take me off world. It wasn’t until I moved my mouse to the URL box on my browser to change websites, that my little pink dude walked right off the world map. Perhaps that is the issue? Also, you stated that the living armor class has no weakness. During the game I noticed that monsters drop gems that match their element. Wyvern=ruby, kraken=aquamarine, mummies=onyx, werewolves=emerald with the only real exceptions being the succubus and dragons. I noticed that the living armor dropped topaz, so I have a theory that you should charge up your sword with emeralds before tackling the golden night. You mentioned that the hyper armor only raises your fire stats to level 9,999. However a quick glance at the equipment screen reveals that hyper armor brings up your fire, earth, and light stats to that impressive level. Finally, you said that the mutant Cyclops looks familiar. Sorry, but I didn’t recognize him. However, I do think we can agree that the “copycat” award goes to the fourth level golem, colossus. >.>

  59. Thank you very much. It took me quite a bit of time writing this one, and while I’m not doing anymore edits, on it now, I am going to try and incorporate all the knowledge that has been put in the comments section here in the player’s guide that will get posted at Jay is Games when Jay gets around to creating a walkthrough section.

    As for the problems we’re having getting iin to the Avatar, I have his game now, and double checked your suggestion and that didn’t work either. I’m stumped to the point where I’ve emailed the game’s maker to find out what’s going on, and I hope to eventually get a reply on that.

    Regarding the Hyper armor, If you look at the other stats outside of fire, you’ll notice that they do have big numbers. NEGATIVE numbers. So if you try and use that armor to fight anything other than the avatar or a fire based monster like Efreet, you will most definitely get pwn’d hard.

    I know. I’ll sometimes forget to switch back to my plate armor after fighting Avatar and get stomped on by something relatively small.

    The gem thing I’ve noticed as well, though sometimes you can’t trust it. There are some creatures, I think the harpies specifically, that drop gems of all types. Also, as pointed out above, the Snow Queen may be week to black. I’m unfortunately at a poor point in the game to tell, though, considering that she’s a one hit kill with every weapon I got.

    Finally, Cyclops to me seems strikingly similar to … well… cyclops, the X-man. Not exactly, not as bad as Colossus looks like Ironman, but definitely close.

  60. kebla says:

    I must say that there are very few exceptions to the gem type rule. It is probably a possibility that warrents mention. That’s all I’m trying to say. It is the succubus family you are thinking about. Harpies always drop diamonds. As for the hyper armor….
    I am still convinced that the stats are
    fire 9,999
    water -9,999
    wind -9,999
    earth 9,999
    light 9,999
    dark -9,999

    Also,I forgot to mention that you shouldn’t be so hard on the circler spell. I guess i am one of the few people who enjoy close combat. As such, with the circler spell, i found that with each attack, the magic attack landed 2-4 times rather than the cross napalm which i never quite got the hang of.

  61. Hey! Great walkthrough, it’s really thorough and really helpful.

    Just wanted to throw my two cents in – I also had a ton of trouble with getting off of Earth, and I’m still now sure how I solved it. I’ll just list the last things I did leading up to the point where it worked in case that helps anyone:

    1) Beat the shrines in the order you encounter them by progressing across the map (Str, Endur, Knowl, Fate)
    2) “Lost” a few of the shrines – hit explosive in Fate, cut the “Multiple Slimes” a bunch and then walked all over the massive amount of them that remained
    3) Fought False God and Ceberus (lost both on purpose) with Trophy equipped

    Then I went back to my home base and the trophy was flashing, and I could get off-world.
    I’m not sure exactly what triggered it, but hey, it worked, so anyone who’s stuck might want to give it a try.

  62. Hey Silent!

    Actually, I’m glad you checked in, because this has become such a common stumbling block for so many people that I finally went and emailed Babara, and he delivered the big one that I think you have to kind of stumble upon by accident.

    While I’ve held off on updating this walkthrough because I have a more in depth one set up for Jay is Games.

    But this is VERY BIG for everyone to know, and I’m going to take a break from writing a detailed CHZO MYTHOS walkthrough today to make an official adjustment to this walkthrough. So here’s how the KNOWLEDGE SHRINE CHALLENGE works.

    You must kill TEN slimes by stomping them. BUT, only eight slimes are available when you walk in which means you have to kill a couple of them then you must go through and start stomping.

  63. Oh, awesome! That clears up a lot. Thanks again for writing such a great guide!

  64. No, thank you for stopping by and please feel free to check out the rest of the stuff on the site. I have a similar walkthrough for Gigolo Assassin. I’m working on one for the Chzo Mythos, and I’m planning on writing one for Dirty Split as well as a hint guide for Amorphous+ (though it won’t be nearly as complete as this one as there’s still some stuff that I’ve yet to unlock and I’m not sure I’ll be playing it as much as I should).

  65. nick says:

    I fought a cyclops, not mutant, in ma frozen waste, it has tons of health, and drops around 2 million gold
    if you find one it is well worth the wait

  66. nick says:

    I’d say it has about as much health as a demon but it did’t fight back, making it a very easy kill

  67. Actually, it’s not, really. Not unless you have it down to a very quick fight, thirty seconds or less. You have to remember that when you’re in the forzen wastes, you can probably rack up more than two million in less than a minute by killing eaker creatures that may not drop as much money, but go down very quick.

    The cyclops, if I remember correctly, is the thirdlevel of its family, with gigas taking the top. I don’t remember either creature having as many raw hitpoints as a demon, but they are undoubtedly easier.

    Still, I avoided these guys until they turned into relatively quick kills. Remember that nikos, orcs, goblins, harpies, etc will drop comparable amounts of money.

  68. help me says:

    hey i need help killing the lizardman assasin ive like pumped up my stats so much but if i hit him it does no damage barely please help me

  69. First, it’s very helpful to have a pumped up sword with high fire enchantment on it (in other words, you want to use the same sword that you used to kill the Poseidon boss).

    If you’re not using a seriously red enchanted sword, this is going to be a tough fight.

    Beyond that, I suggest following the advice inthe walkthrough above.

    Oh, and the best place to get red gems at your point in the game is to camp the Efreet.

  70. help me says:

    thanks but the bad thing is i pumped my sword with like 51 aquamarine gems

  71. help me says:

    omg i pumped it up with only like 100 crystals and i own him so bad thanks so much!!

  72. nickolas says:

    i need help with snow queen anyone got some advice

  73. nickolas says:

    hey will someone help me with gopplehanger

  74. addictive says:

    need help with death anyone got information

  75. Um… really there should be all the information you need to beat him in the bosses section in the walkthrough above.

    The short, make sure you’re sword is very well pumped up with diamonds, your armor is charged with black, and you have a lot of stats pumped into your health and intelligence. YOu should have the chaser spell here which will be a big help.

  76. addictive says:

    where do i get the chaser spell

  77. lololololololololololllolololololololololololololololololo says:


  78. If you look up under the magic section of the walkthrough it tells you. I can’t remember which specific board it’s on anymore… I want to say it’s the eighth board. There’s a town that normally when you are in it, you will just see some random people looking as though they are dancing. That’s where you get the chaser spell. It’s a random appearance. YOu just have to keep going in and out of that place until you see a lone wizard selling it.

    It costs 100million dollars, so make sure you have the cash before you undergo what can be a relatively annoying experience.

    So you don’t have to wait on me for an answer to your question, you could just go to the top of the page, and use ctrl+F and type the key word. Or you can use the guide at the beginning which of the walkthrough which provides you a means of speeding right to which section will be most useful to you.

  79. […] For those of Ginormo Sword addicts, I have made a VERY important update to the Ginormo Sword Walkthrough.  This update comes straight from the game designer himself and should help a lot of you who have […]

  80. Cooloo40 says:

    Dang. I have almost completed my Library. I only have Neko Metal and Neko Mithril left. I have 792 Luck and can’t seem to find them at all. Is my luck too high now? Any ideas on what to do?

  81. First and foremost, your luck is fine. In fact, especially if you are trying to track down upper level mobs. The only downside I have ever noticed with having a high luck is that monsters tend to drop more and more gems.

    This may not seem like much of a drawback, but it becomes so when you want more money as opposed to gems and you have yet to make it to the Avatar (where you get so much of both that it doesn’t really matter much).

    As for getting your Neko metal and Neko Mithril, I have to ask where you are camping for these things at? If you are doing it in a mixed mob area, this may take a little longer than you would like.

    In any case it may still take you longer, but what you really want to do is go back to the Neko Only spawn spot on the very first board. That’s going to help because you are only playing statistics with one type of monster as opposed to a whole bunch.

    Even then it’s still just going to take time, and so I suggest you set yourself a benchmark. Cut yourself off at maybe twenty minutes of camping for them a day. When twenty minutes is up, just come back to it the next day. That way you don’t go crazy, or get frustrated and just give up completely, especially with only two creatures left in the entire game to kill (and very easy creatures at that.

    And keep bumping up your luck, too. That will help.

  82. And just so you know. My luck is over 3000 and I just did what I told you and I came across both neko types you mentioned in under a minute.

  83. Cooloo40 says:

    Hmmm. I’m camping at the first spot on the 1st area. I thought that high luck would make it hard to find them, as all I find are the Neko Platinums and the regular Nekos. I’ll bump up my Luck a bit after I beat the Avatar again. Btw, how many Onix gems do you have in your Avatar farming sword? I only have around 300 and he doesn’t die that fast. It still takes about 3-5 minutes to kill him.

  84. Cooloo40 says:

    I bumped up my luck to above 3000 after fighting the Avatar. I still can’t find either of the two. I just keep finding regular Nekos and even more Neko Platinums. No Neko Metals or Mithrils. :\

  85. I have my energy sword pumped up with about 1500 onyx gems, he still takes about thirty to forty-five seconds to beat. I really don’t play that much anymore otherwise I would start camping the necromancer or the area on board 14 to try and get enough onyxes to drop him in one hit. I just really don’t thave the time.

    As for your quest for the other two nekos… Don’t know what to tell you. It really is all ran on statistics and whatnot, so just keep plugging away at it. You’ll eventually get them. You’re also probably killing most things with one hit too, so you may just want to go check your library every so often just to make sure you didn’t kill one and missed it by accident.

    Like I said, now’s a good time to just make ten or twenty minutes a day a part of your regime. You’re so close to 100% that if you spend too long in one sitting, that might drive you over the edge and force you to stop. If you make it a part of your routine, though… It just becomes habit.

    Good luck!

  86. Wa? says:

    How do you do all the all CHALLENGES.

  87. Um, there’s a challenge section at the end of the walkthrough.

    Use ctrl+f code shn1 shn2 shn3 and shn4 to find them. If following that still doesn’t get you what you need, let me know.

  88. I need help with Lycurgi he keeps beating me with his fire and electricity. What should I do?

  89. Really, Lycurgi is someone you shouldn’t even think about messing with until after you’ve beaten the Avatar. Once that is done, you should be able to pump up your stats to where he turns into a pussycat.

    Note that he has a humungous amount of hitpoints so even with a serious set of stats it’ll take a while to kill him.

    As for dodging his attacks, remember that he has only the two attacks and he does not employ them at the same time. The lightning goes in a straight line at the same angle as when he first starts. So wherever you are when the lightning comes, move immediately out of its way and just stay there for a bit, you should be fine.

    When you see the ring of red dots form around him, that’s when you need to get ready to move, but don’t be too hasty about this either. The longer you wait after the circle is formed the less you have to move. These red dots track your position according to where you were standing when they first come after you, so if you stay still just until the first one hits you, most the rest of them will home in on the same spot meaning you only have to move a little bit.

    If you decide to dodge earlier, just remember to keep going in the same direction and to rotate or essentially move in any direction that is not directly parallel to the direction from which they are coming.

    Again, I really suggest that you wait until after the Avatar is beaten when you can really jack up your stats and make it an easier fight, but if you insist on taking him out earlier, this would be the way to do it.

  90. As a point of reference, I just went and tracked down a lycurgi just now and it took me about two minutes to beat him. Here are my stats

    Zweihander Level:10,030
    Light enchantmen: 638

    Int: 3,544
    Str: 4,188
    Vit: 1,803

    So if your stats aren’t even close to that, I wouldn’t even bother right now because it’s going to be a very long fight. For me it’s significantly longer than the Avatar fight which takes me about thirty seconds right now.

  91. photonreno says:

    um who is lycurgi and avatar is the easiest boss ive ever faced plus wats the 6th armor

    i pwned the avatar in 1 hit

  92. Lycurgi is the highest level lich in the game. He has a pointy hat and has pink robes.

    1 hit kill on the Avatar is truly impressive. I occasionally go back and pump more black enchantment on my energy sword… one of these days I want to get him down to one hit.

    Finally, as I mention in the actual walkthrough, there is no sixth armor. The final slot in the armor row is actually reserved for the “Yummy Bone,” Which is used to get WAN WAN as a pet (it is a consumable item that is taken as payment).

  93. 00101001 says:

    I have a few things to say.

    First, the topazes and emeralds actually are useful. My level 50 Scimitar (yes, my sword levels suck) with a few dozen points in Earth damage can blow through members of the Harpy family faster than my level 190 Light-element Zweihander can. Emeralds help in getting those topazes, through one-hit-killing enemies like Sandworm. They should also help in killing things like Ettins fast, which equals a huge amount of cash in certain places.

    Second, I keep getting enemies like Arch Liches, Elder Vampires, Succubus Ladies and the occasional Berserker in the Level 14 farming spot; I rarely get the low-level mobs, like nekos, to appear. This seriously puts big fireball-and-lightning-shaped holes in my income. My luck is currently at 80. My question is this: Does luck affect the types of monsters that spawn, or just the rank? I know the rank is affected; that was stated previously.

    Third, excellent guide. Those enemy weaknesses are especially helpful. I hope the info in the comments is added to the Jay is Games version of the guide, though.

  94. 00101001 says:

    Oh wait. My bad. Ettins appear to be fire monsters; it should be anything that drops topazes, like the Living Armors. Those died faster with my level 150 Air Claymore than the aforementioned Zweihander, making Emeralds useful for getting the Hyper Armor, and not for much else.

  95. 00101001 says:

    Sorry for the mass posting. Disregard the Harpy thing; they’re Light monsters. Topazes really aren’t good for much, unless you count getting those annoying werewolves out of the way faster.

  96. Hey 41, thanks for stopping by.

    Wow, okay, first, you’re at the 14th board and your sword stats are really that low? I will say that if they are that low, than of course you are going to want to pay much more attention to what elemental enchantments you’re using.

    On the other hand, I think it far more beneficial to just really beef up your sword through the blacksmith, but to each their own… As your later two posts seem to point out.

    To answer your question specifically, I don’t think luck really effects the type of monster as much as the rank. For maximum camping efficiency on the fourteenth board, it’s all about being able to assess the situation rapidly. You pop in, see what’s there, is it a one hit kill? No, okay, leave and come back.

    The faster you can do this, the better.

    If your swords were at higher levels, this would be even easier because the goal is to build a few swords that take up the entire screen. Doing so means you walk in, you swing the sword, see what’s still standing when it comes up, and make your decision then.

    I will say that some of the higher ranked low end mobs can be a pain to bring out though. I love the fourth ranked orcs because they drop mad cash and die in one hit, but they sometimes seem more rare than fourth level liches. And yeah, Arch Liches and Succubus ladies are pretty common.

    So there are two schools of thought here. Either assess immediately and either hang in for a full fight, or go out and come back in, OR, come in kill the easy stuff, and leave all the harder fights after you’ve collected your treasure.

    It really doesn’t matter either way, the big thing is to not let yourself get sucked into twenty minute fights. That’s the real big thing.

    As for elements, I found that using my white based sword for the 14th board spot was the best bet. It’s strong against liches and vampires which are pretty common, and its level is so high that everything else just goes boom when I swing it. Try not to use fire in that area because you do pick up a couple of fire based monsters there that can be a pain if your sword level and fire level are battling it out.

  97. Aratan says:

    Lycurgi aren’t hard to kill (pain to find though, took me 3 days of camping to get one). I can take them down in a little under 2 minutes. Only enemies I can’t kill are the level 3 and 4 living armors, the level 4 lizard men, Hellhounds and Avatar.

    My stats:

    Energy Blade Level: 1602
    Enchantments: Wind 57

    Strength: 380
    Vitality: 201
    Intelligence: 355

  98. Well, I have tips on how to beat the hellhounds pretty easily up above, and you’re never going to be able to handle the Avatar until you’ve beaten the fourth level living armor (golden knight-yellow with a blue sash).

    I also see that you posted stats for your energy blade with wind enchantments. Your enchantment is pretty low as is your sword level. Your strength is pretty good.

    At this point, you should have at least one other sword that is pretty beefy, and some free gems. My suggestion is to take your beefiest sword and pump it up with onyx, bump up its level as high as you can go, and start hunting living armors until you beat the golden knight.

    Once you have done that, you can start camping the Avatar which should let you really pump up your stats and let you go after the rest of the monsters left on your list.

  99. Aratan says:

    Thanks for the advice. By the way, this is an excellent walkthrough guide.

  100. Thank you very much Aratan. I’m glad it helps. I want to write more guides, and just finished a major one for Jay is Games. But I hope to get back to writing some for this site as well.

    Let me know how the hunting goes!

  101. 00101001 says:

    Thanks for the tips. I now have a billion gold and don’t know what to spend it on, so any suggestions would be great. My stats are Intelligence 305, Strength 201, Vitality 154, and Luck 155. My Zweihander is level 1000 with 188 light, and my Energy Sword is level 110 with 230 dark. My other swords are currently too weak to be important.

    Oh, and what stats would you recommend for taking down the Golden Knight in less than ten minutes? Grinding isn’t a problem.

    Again, very informative and helpful guide. Thanks for the write-up, it helped a lot with several things.

    Oh, and about the name? I just pushed the 0 and 1 keys without any knowledge of binary. I had no idea it would turn out to be 41. Haha.

  102. 00101010 says:

    Oh, wait. Scratch that. I just sank most of that into my light sword, and now have a level 2000, 191 light Zweihander and 57 million gold. Sword upgrades are getting expensive at this point, catching up to strength upgrades. Should be obvious from the way 1 1/2 billion gold equated to only a thousand levels.

    I farm by entering the secret area while swinging my sword wildly while moving to the right. If a monster isn’t dead by the time I reach the right side of the screen (after any doubling back to collect gold), I just leave. Is this particular way of doing things efficient enough?

    On an unrelated note, I am now ’42’, after reading a basic binary tutorial. If you can guess why I read a tutorial just to change one digit, that would be interesting.

  103. Well, this is fun, and I can tell you pretty quicklythat you changed it up to 42 because that is the answer to life the universe and everything. Though, why you would put yourself through a tutorial is beyond me.

    It’s faster to use the calculator that comes stock with your computer, use it in the advanced, scientific mode. Type in 42 and then change the mode to bin. I know these things because, well, when you’ve had enough of Ginormo Sword, go check out Labyrinth. I just did a recent review of it and you can find it in the games section.

    Okay, back to the task at hand.

    Beating the Golden Knight in under ten minutes. I’m really not sure on that one considering that I don’t think I accomplished that. At one point I just grinned and dealt with it. Actually, if you are looking for that fight, what I did was I had a book, and when I finally found a golden knight, I just started reading. If your defense is high enough, and your vitality is high enough, he’s not going to hurt you that much, and really, you just have to glance at the screen to make sure you’re hitting him.

    But yeah, you go after him with your biggest sword, whichever sword takes up teh whole screen, and you just go.

    As for things to pump into your stats, yeah, your sword is great, INT is a great thing to pump up as well because that magic boost can really help. I personally was a fan of luck but it’s not going to help shorten battles for you, so don’t bother, and I think your vitality is fine for the time being. Make sure your armor level is at its highest, (and when you do get hyper armor, don’t touch it. I was deathly afraid to touch a single stat for fear that doing so would end it’s ANTI-AVATAR mojo)

    So you, start working offense. int, strength, and sword levels. Take some time to farm onyxes because you’re shooting for the Avatar, and the onyxes in your energy sword will make a bigger difference than your stats, or the sword level.

    And thanks again and good luck!

  104. 00101010 says:

    Correct with the name. I really should get around to reading more of the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series. Good stuff. I read up on binary so I wouldn’t have to randomly bring up the calculator all the time.

    Golden Knights barely scratch me, my armor is my ‘Death-killing’ or anti-Dark one and is level 9. I think I need to get enough gold for another thousand levels on that Zweihander for the less-than-one-hour Knight run, and at least a hundred points in Intelligence. My chaser needs beefing up.

    Right now, I have the Gauntlet off so I can keep up a constant stream of Chaser fire. Should I put it back on? On one hand, my sword would get in more hits. On the other hand, I would have less magic. Based on my stats, what would you think?

  105. 00101010 says:

    Oh, and by the way, what do I need to one-hit Necro? He isn’t dying as fast as I’d like. And by one hit, do you mean that the hit sound plays once, or one click? Also, I’m not going to bother with luck. I don’t want to be facing things like Lycurgis regularly. As for Endurance, you’re right – I’m actually having more trouble dying than surviving much of the time. Funny that this game seems to favor enchantments over all other upgrades…

  106. First, the gauntlet. To be honest, for moderate level fights and magic focused fights, I would leave the gauntlet off. We’re talking about a fight that wouldn’t last longer than say, two minutes. This way your increased magic could help make things faster.

    But if you’re in a fight that’s going to be twenty minutes in length, I would put it on just to save yourself from carpal tunnel.

    As for the Necro, diamonds diamonds diamonds. The more in your sword the merrier, just make sure you don’t put them in your onyx enchanted energy blade. For my own purposes, I consider a one hit kill anything that takes only one mouse click. So this may mean having the gauntlet on and hitting with magic as well.

    The other thing to think about is that once I got to about the Necromancer level, my diamond enchanted zweihander became my primary sword, I used it for everything, camping, killing the world tree, death, the guardian dragon. I think I only switched over to my fire katana for the snow queen (only to learn that she is actually easier killed with black).

    So just my personal opinion I tend to favor a very heavily inflated sword with a white enchantment.

    Though, I do think that the living armors tend to drop rubies, so if you have a water sword for the living armors, you can try that as well.

    Now, you do have the coin of bravery taken off now, right? At your point in the game, where you really don’t die too quickly, there’s not much of a point of keeping it on, and it only slows down your camping.

    anyway, okay, I’m out of here.

  107. photonreno says:

    i now can pwn any monster in one hit
    intell 5067
    luck 7098
    str 6121
    vit 5302
    sword lvls
    energy swd 34853 awsome right
    dagger 17625
    zweihander 12859
    katana 10984
    scimitar 9543
    i took off all elements after i beat avatar
    gold 32trill

  108. photonreno says:

    i forgot claymore
    lvl 19354
    i dont really need armor because attacks
    even from hellhound dont even do 1 damage

  109. photonreno says:

    one more thing where is lycurgi


    I gotta admit, your stats way out do mine. After I hit 100%, I just lost patience with keeping up with my stats, so well done!

    Lycurgi, Lycurgi can be found anywhere that liches spawn. This includes the tall castle on the fourteenth board, the mixed mob secret area on the fourteenth board, and I believe another mixed mob area on the fifteenth board.

    Though, for you, since your stats are ridiculous, I would just stick with the tall castle where liches only spawn.

    You’ll know Lycurgi because he looks like a lich with pink robes and a pink pointy hat.

  111. photonreno says:

    kk thankyou

  112. Foreverkul says:

    Does sword upgrade increase attack power?

  113. Foreverkul says:

    Oops, stupid question sorry…

  114. 00101010 says:

    Huzzah! I finally beat Avatar! Four times in half an hour. It was actually EASIER than the Golden Knight. THAT fight sucked. Although I did kill it in half an hour’s worth of slashing… I am never fighting Living Armors again; I demolished a Dread Lord and several Berserkers for the library, so I don’t have to.

    The Avatar of Whatever-the-hell gives enough cash for semi-auto-leveling. Now I just press TAB and hold Enter for a few minutes to level.

    Now for the library… All that grinding only left me with 15% missing. Wow. If only an update existed that made the star unlock four more stages for each monster… and a second-level boss. That would give loads of people some incentive to keep playing.

  115. photonreno says:

    sword lvls
    all my swords are above 20000
    plus my energy sword says
    its lvl is 1E+3
    wat dos that mean?

  116. photonreno says:

    i dont get it once i was able to beat the avatar in one hit
    i left the comp for awhile and the avatar still didnt
    kill me when i came back
    but when i got to the bosses on the planet like false god and
    hellhound they killed me in one hit WTF!?!?!?!

  117. Okay, i don’t usually chime in over the weekend, but I wanted to answer Photo’s question directly. When you go into your inventory, you will find a flashing star. When this is activated, everything becomes seriously pumped up, and a lot more than just the hellhound and false god will kill you in a single hit.

    Deactivate the flashing star like you would any other item, and you will go back to normal mode.

    To the best of my knowledge there is no extra reward for beating Avatar in hard mode (except he might drop a lot more money like the lesser monsters do when you manage to kill them).

  118. photonreno says:

    i did deactivate the star they still beat me in one hit
    but with avatar its like he dosent hit me at all
    even with star on he dosent hurt me
    i dont get it?!

  119. Ah, that would be because you are wearing your hyper armor still. Hyper armor is worthless against any creature that is not Avatar. You’ll have to keep remembering to switch back and forth between your normal armor and your hyper armor once you start camping Avatar.


    tab and enter? Seriously?

    are you kidding?


    Anyway, sorry it took so long for me to get back to you, but congratulations, and with fifteen percent still left in your library, fear not, you still have a whole lot more playing to come. Also, the star I think is incentive as you now have to beat the Avatar on hard mode… Incidentally, now that I have a new shortcut that will make leveling up much less of a pain, I think that is exactly what I’m going to start doing!

  120. photonreno says:

    no i dont have power armor on plus i said that
    i removed all elements from
    weapons and armor and maybe its that my stats are to

  121. No, it’s not that your stats are too high. Having high stats doesn’t give you tougher creatures. Having the wrong equipment on, or the star turned on will.

    So, and believe me, I have had stuff equipped when I thought I had it unequipped. So always go back and double check that you are wearing the right equipment. The next thing I would have to say is that you did mention taking all the elemental charms off of your equipment. This could be what’s wrong if you have the right armor equipped and the star turned off.

  122. Worst comes to worst, you can always email me a copy of your sol file, and I can take a look under the hood for you.

  123. Adam says:

    The Plate Armor costs 2,000,000 gold.

  124. Frederick says:

    Will there be a second Ginormo Sword cause I really hope so.

  125. photonreno says:

    you can always email me a copy of your sol file
    ^^^^how do i do this^^^^

  126. fred,

    Actually, Ginormo Sword IS the sequel. The predacessor was never translated to English. It doesn’t run on nearly as simple of a system which is made even more difficult because none of the available options are easily understood by their icons, and all you have is Japanese characters, which, unless you read Japanese, is worthless.


    You’re still having issues? Okay, I forgot exactly how this is done, but basically you want to start a search of your computer for “babarageo” or “ginormo”. Make sure you that your search also looks for hidden items.

    You should find a folder that will have something like “futonaga” or something like that as the title. Go into that folder, and you’ll find a .sol file. Make a copy of that, and email it to me at

    NOTE: Do not remove that file, but make it its own separate file. That is your save file, and if you remove it, you will have lost everything that you worked so hard to get.

  127. Lukas says:

    Golems (at least the mud and rock ones) do not drop Rubies. They drop Topazes. Just tellin ya.

  128. Lukas says:

    And whats this “star” thing that u guys keep talking about? (still havent beaten the Avatar once… workin on Death at the moment)

  129. help says:

    what stats should i have to beat false god?

  130. Zeromessiah says:

    I havent seen anyone on here since I used this to beat the game but I’d like some help making a 1-hit avatar killer!

    str 14216
    vit 2155
    int 6397
    luk 2222

    10000 Attack power
    2144 To Dark Attack

    Do the sword levels matter as much as the enchants?
    Do I need more Strength?
    What will pump me up the most?

  131. Omega333 says:

    I discovered this game a few days back, and it has been quite the addicting thing.

    I was so confused in the beginning, wondering when the next friendly shop or shrine would pop up. The game threw things at me that I wondered how I would ever get the money to buy. But I pressed onward. The boss I had the most trouble with was that assassin. Although my katana was never that pumped with fire which largely contributed to this. It was a battle I passed through mostly luck, and one I made a point to not return until i was much better. Then I got to the tree. And found an ally (I had missed the other before it). NIN NIN became my bestest friend.

    It was due, in fact,to my wondering what element the lightning attack was that made me search for this guide, as I understood fire and water, but the rest seemed iffy in terms of on screen attacks. So I read a bit, going back to ye olde grinde. Fairly easily I made my way past the snow and into grind heaven. I could not pass up camping, eventually tackling the dragon…which failed to impress me really. Beat it first try. Although it did like facing away from me :p

    And then…the hours of pumping up needed to tackle the false god. He was a beast, but eventually even he could not stand in my way. I do want to make very special note here, after I beat him I noticed the spot for the hellhound and checked him out only to die seconds later (what can i say, even a bark can be deadly when its as big as my sword was :p). But, I made no serious effort to beat him. And still haven’t. Yet I had no trouble getting to the avatar, leading me to think that the hellhound is NOT a requirement. And well, the rest is standard. Onyx, armor, avatar, god stats. Although the first time beating him it was a somewhat epic fight (as epic as clicking a button over and over again for 10 minutes or so can be). I could damage him little by little…he could do the same. I almost left the fight to camp onyx more, but held off. NIN NIN was healing me and dying as usual. But then he failed. Th avatar was only moderately wounded and so we kept trading blows, me constantantly calculating how much of an advantage I had. I was always ahead of the curve so knew I could win, but the gap looked to be closing….nonetheless, I achieved victory, shattering the god pinata for good, until I feel like doing ti again with more onyx.

    And I think I’ll stop there, wrote far more than I intended to (and less fun that I would have liked as my brain is mush due to wanting sleep…), but I got the main thing I wanted to say in there, which was that hellhound didn’t need to be beaten for me for the trophy to flash. Might try a better message tomorrow with more pizazz…until then, farewell and thanks for the awesome guide to this awesome game 🙂

  132. Jake says:

    i still cant beat false god!
    str 110 Vitality 94
    int 130 luck 60

    sword level is 330 its a dagger pumped with 40 lights.

    god hes fricken hard

    i dont want to train much more its getting boring.

    i can only down about a 6th of his health before i end up dying, even with lv 9 armour and nin nin the healer cat. plate mail lv 9 with 97 dark protection….

  133. Jake says:

    also you said not to kill big time characters but i just finished off alexandra which was hard as hell but now i got 300m at my disposal which is going to INT (swords at 500 now btw str at 200) so yea int will be like 400 and that fake god with dumb names will be VANQUISHED!!!!

  134. Jake says:


  135. Jake says:

    SHEESH ok miracolously i beat him even though dumbass nin nin died almost right away. I just dodged all attacks and thankfully most of that unfair spinning fire one. i had hardly any health left when i won but yes i did it!

  136. Maha says:

    Awesome guide, thank you. You could include some of the tips you posted in comments into the main walkthrough (such as Snow Queen being weak against dark).

  137. Raymond says:

    Hey I’m back and I wanna play Ginormo sword again ’cause I’m getting bored.
    Anyways, I’m having trouble with the False Boss.
    Could you tell me by tomorrow?
    If you could that’ll be great!

  138. Raymond says:

    Hey it’s me and I wanna play Ginormo sword ’cause I’m getting really tired of the other games I’ve been playing.
    Anyways, I’m having trouble with the False Boss.
    Could you tell me how to beat him by tomorrow?
    If you could that’ll be great!

  139. Raymond says:

    Oh yeah and the False boss- the best element to beat him is light, just in case you didn’t know.

  140. rcade pre hacks rulez says:

    i have 10000 on each an cant be avatar

  141. AndrewFM says:

    Did you get the Hyper Armor? You’ll never survive Avatar’s attacks without it.

  142. KWest says:

    How high should your stats be to beat false god mine are

    220 strength
    111 vitality
    110 intelligence
    lvl 9 armor
    lvl 866 sword

    when I try to fight him he still kills me

  143. blahblah says:

    wanna help me?

    i still can’t beat avatar with this stats

    Strength 20082
    vitality 17988
    int 8201
    luck 1308

    i use katana

    water 7
    wind earth 0
    light -53
    dark -53

    do i need more darkness?

  144. Alpha+Omega=Zero says:

    yea, so help me?

  145. Alpha+Omega=Zero says:

    i’m blahblah, changed name

  146. ZeldaFan says:

    I found that the Lizard Assassin was actually easier to kill by getting a long, fairly wide sword and Napalm Cross and just slashing at all the copies randomly. But that’s just my opinion.

  147. Arikiko says:

    I just fought a Lich, I think, but it was called an Undead King, and it had HEAPS AND HEAPS AND HEAPS of hit points. Does anyone know if it would be worth fighting again? I got bored and killed myself.

  148. Arikiko says:

    Just an add on to my previous post, it looked like a lich with three pointy things on his head.

  149. Arikiko says:

    OMG! I just beat a very easy Arthur, I believe it is in the skeleton family, and it dropped 4 bags of gold, containing AT LEAST 13 MILLION EACH!!! I ended up with 1 bag (rounded of to the nearest million) 26 mil, 13 mil and two other bags between those two. WOW!

  150. anon says:

    I just let a Golden knight go… i took 10 minutes to knock off about 1cm of its health. Was that a horrible mistake?

  151. Multitude says:

    Thanks for the great guide. I’m still hacking my way through, but I thought I’d correct a mistake:
    Plate armor is only 2 000 000 gold.

  152. Thy Nerd says:

    Ummm,I killed a Greater Demon,but it dropped a Diamond.
    Why?I thought demons were evil,lol.I was expecting an onix.Do greater demons have a weakness differing from regular demons?

  153. Thy Nerd says:

    Also,why do I kill monsters faster with magic only than magic+sword?I’ve tried it a million times and it’s true!My sword just seems to slow things down!

    • Maimed Fox says:

      Just taking a stab at this, but my best guess is that each time a monster is hit with an attack they have a very short period of invulnerability (like 1/10 of a second or so). This means that when both your sword and magic are touching an enemy, both have a chance of landing a hit and creating a period of invulnerability. Sometimes the weaker of the two will land a hit and sometimes the more powerful of the two will land a hit (how which one hits is determined I’m not sure… maybe one has precedence over the other or something).

      This might be slightly made up for by the fact that you have a higher chance of either your sword or magic hitting an enemy at any given time if you use both (not to mention collateral damage of other monsters around), but the bigger the difference in the power of your magic versus your sword, the more noticeable it’ll probably be.

      Again, not totally sure of this, but it would make sense considering you don’t do infinite damage each time you hit something!

      • Maimed Fox says:

        Alright, with a LOT of experimenting I’ve realized that when both a spell and your sword are touching the monster, the sword seems to always or almost always do the damage. This means if your sword’s a lot weaker than your magic, you’ll actually do much less damage when your sword connects. This also means that having powerful magic isn’t very useful until you’re dodging unless you plan to completely rely on spells. At least this doesn’t mean that slacking on intelligence is particularly harmful!

        On an unrelated note, personally I love camping on the invisible guys. Once you get a really powerful, screen-filling sword (I used one with ~20 diamonds in it) you can wipe a whole screen of em out in only a few swings, and they give a solid 150k-250k each. And don’t underestimate NIN NIN! Her/him + good armor allows you to just sit and whack things without even having to dodge any projectiles, which makes grinding bosses an absolute piece of cake. Plus she does melee damage to whatever she touches. Not a lot, but hey.

  154. Thy Nerd says:

    Erm,i just happened to be in the same pickle anon was.
    I found a Golden Knight,fought for OVER ten minutes ONLY to take away half 1cm of its health!is the hyper armor really that important?and what is golden knight weak against?I wanna hunt it again after killing false god and Avatar!

  155. Kyle e. Moore says:

    first, if there is something wrong in this walkthrough, I suggest heading over to The version over there is more complete.

    To answer your questions, Nerd.

    yeah, the Golden Knight really is that important. You will not, I repeat, NOT, last more than fifteen to thirty seconds against the Avatar witout the hyper armor. It’s a bit of a shame, though because outside of the Avatar battle, the hyper armor is completely worthless.

    as for your magic killing faster WITHOUT your sword, I can think of only one possible explanation, maybe two.

    the first is that you may have sword enchantments that are hurting you. If you have a fire equipped sword and you’re using it against fire based monsters, than it may actually slow you down.

    the other explanation would depend on how many times you have timed yourself in this respect. if it’s only been a couple of times, I wouldn’t put too much stock in that. You see, the monsters don’t all have the same number of hitpoints. one gargoyle will have a slightly differeent number of hitpoints compared to another. So that might explain it.

  156. Thy Nerd says:

    Actually,I do know the fact that some monsters indeed have more hitpoints than it’s own species average amount of hitpoints,and it does happen to give you more money.
    And I really have tried it millions of times,with my Zweihander,a normal sword,also the tiniest size available;my katana,MAJORLY enchanted with fire;and with my scimtar,a huge light enhanced sword.I’ve tried them on lots of different creatures,also including demons.Which is queer,because my light sword…well,anyone would think demons are weak against light,but…things don’t seem to be right.

    I will try and go to jayisgames,and thx for the tip!
    A moment of silence for a lost chance to get that hyper armor…


  157. Sebine says:

    Hey Kyle, any chance you could email the bestiary?

  158. Sebine says:

    Unholy Crap!

    I just got 70m from a Mixed mob Collosus (looked like Iron Man >..>)

  159. allo pplz says:

    heh. you know how teh names are reandomixed? town of zxl, froxen waste visnc….
    i just fought the avatar of crap =O

  160. kinematix says:

    game finished and 100% in the library =) thanks for the guide

  161. Laurie Sue Roskell says:


    My library is almost complete, I’m just after Tiamat and Asmodeus. I’m just wondering whether my stats are sufficient enough to attempt to take them on, or whether I should camp Avatar and up my stats a bit more.

    Strength: 4145
    Endurance: 2595
    Intelligence: 2460
    Sword Level: 3001
    Luck: 801

    Also, could you explain exactly what luck does? I’ve gathered that it makes enemies drop more jewels, but is that it?

  162. Joe says:

    Quick Hint:

    At board 4 when you have to fight the Cloud, it will be tough. Once you have won, focus SOLELY on getting 50,000 gold for the Napalm! It is the second best spell, and pumps your firepower nicely.

    This will take a while. Ignore the swords and other stuff for now. Once you get napalm, go camp the Cloud. He drops over 20,000 gold per kill,and napalm kills him pretty fast. (about 3 minutes with default 1 INT)

    Once you can afford the Gauntlets of anti counterattack, get these.

    Now, you can pretty almost ignore the Cloud’s attacks and take him out in 2 minutes. With this technique you can raise a lot of cash.

    From there you can really get a big boost and crank your sword power way up. Or you can save up the 4 million for Plate armor which is a huge survivability boost. That makes killing the Cloud even easier since you can completely ignore his attacks and do em in within 30 seconds.

  163. Zelpha says:

    okay, i did some testing with the gems, and i found that the Living armor family is allergic to Emeralds/Wind element. i tested this by taking two of my swords, a lvl 1000 zweihander and a lvl 1 claymore with 100 wind power. I turned off my magic for the test, and I have a strength of 207 for reference. it took 10 seconds to kill a Berserker (Living armor 2nd Rank) with the zweihander and in the same amount of time, the claymore took off 1/10 of its health, this may not seem like much, but i took another sword, a lvl 1 scimitar with no elemental power, and couldnt even do half the damage of the Wind Powered Claymore. so this suggests that Wind/Emeralds majorly affects the living armors. so with a bunch more levels and maybe a hundred or so more emeralds, one could take down the golden knight with relative ease. …you know what, I do beleive i’ll go try that.

    also, with a Luck stat of 200 or more, farming emeralds becomes hilariously easy. I just go to the orc encampment in the 1st screen, the blue cheiftans keep showing up and I can bag more than 50 or so emeralds in less than 3 minutes.

    my stats for future reference:
    Strength: 207
    Vitality: 51
    Intelligence: 236
    Luck: 209
    Lvl 9 Plate Armor
    Lvl 265 Dagger +105 Water
    Lvl 137 Katana +202 Fire
    Lvl 1 Claymore +100 Wind
    Lvl 1 Scimitar
    Lvl 1000 Zweihander +33 Light
    Lvl 348 Energy Sword +70 Dark
    I have Chaser magic and have yet to get Shockwave or the Hyper Armor, I havent even beaten the False God yet. D:

  164. Paraclete says:

    Okay, I played this game about a year ago, and really wish I had known of this guide then. I recently revisited and wanted to ask a question…does anyone know of anybody who has beaten the Avatar with the Order of the Star equipped? I’ve been wasting hours at work boosting stats to see if I can even get close and its doesn’t seem like its ever going to happen. My current stats are:

    Strength: 6911
    Vitality: 5562
    Intelligence: 6880
    Luck: 6522
    Energy blade: lvl 56475 with 5397 Dark enchantment

  165. Raven6666 says:

    Yeah, I would say the Living Armours are weak to Emerald/Greens, hilariously easy as it could be, I defeated a Gold Knight in under 1 hour (took about 5 mins per cm, so perhaps 35mins or so.)
    Beat him with low stats as well (all under 300), so Emerald is definitely the way to go.

    Currently going to try kill that False God now, just boosting up stats.

  166. WOW, this is PERFECT for my website!!! 😀

    Do you mind if i change it a teeny tiny little bit?
    I started building it (my second site) yesterday: August 11, 2009 12:12

  167. Jeff says:

    How to Cheat at Ginormo Sword:
    (Or I was bored one day, and got sick of clicking my mouse…)

    Edit the save file–it’s on your computer. Flash uses its own type of cookie called a “Local Shared Object”, see wikipedia:

    The wikipedia page will tell you where the LSO is stored on your computer (it’s different between Windows, MacOS and Linux, of which, I’m running the latter).

    Ginorma Sword saves all data to its LSO, which is on your computer. You can google for a flash cookie editor, or you can just whip out your favorite hex editor. The variable format is pretty simple, there is a C-style string with a NUL terminator (hex 0x00 at the end of the string), and the next cell starts an 8-byte, double precision floating point number, see for details on the format.

    Here are the interesting values:
    weaponlv*: weapon level for each weapon (eg, weaponlv1 is your dagger’s level)
    hutosa*: weapon width
    nagasa*: weapon length
    weaponred*: Positive is fire, negative is water strength
    weaponwhite*: Positive is light, negative is dark strength
    weapon*: I believe this is the earth/air weapon stat.
    Weapons are numbered according to the absolute position in your inventory, starting with the dagger. (So, Katana is always ‘2’ and the Energy blade is always ‘6’)

    armorlv*: armor level
    armorred*: +fire protection, -water protection
    armorwhite*: +light protection, -dark protection
    armorgreen*: +wind, -earth
    Armors are numbered like swords, starting with leather being armor ‘1’.

    Down in the Inventory section, it seems like the ‘val[AB]#’ fields are not related to the inventory item they’re next to. In fact, this is where your stats and gold are kept.

    valB1: Gold.
    valA2: Strength.
    valA3: Vitality.
    valA4: Intelligence.
    valA5: Luck.

    These are the values I’d change: crank your dagger level, armor level, gold and stats. Then, to add stuff to your inventory, just buy it. If you need more gold, you know where the money printer is. If you have trouble with any creature, even more ridiculous values of strength, weapon level and intelligence will allow you to one shot anything–even AVATAR with the space-star enabled. (That is the logic of the game, no?)

    One final note, when you crank your sword level reeeaaaally high, strange things can happen when you click “ballanced” size in the smithy, so I’d adjust it to a nice screen filling size manually, and leave it. Just for reference, my sword level is in the 10^102 region…

    Anyway, that’s how to cheat.

  168. Jeff says:

    Oh, and thanks for the walkthrough, I was at 99% and couldn’t figure out what to do with some of the shrine traps nor that reaching AVATAR was even possible. I’m now at 100%, and feeling quite done with the experience.

    Thank you.

  169. fractalman says:

    There is another way to beat doppleganger besides magic: with the katana at a medium width (but decent level), stand at just the right distance below doppleganger, and swing: the top of your sword should hit doppleganger, but the bottom of doppleganger’s sword won’t hit you.

  170. Davion says:

    I don’t get this game. Where’s the blacksmith? I beat that orc guy boss whatever and went to screen 2 with the goblins/harpies, but I can’t beat any of them

  171. skin care says:

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    Ginormo Sword Walkthrough (Final Version) | A Day In The Mind Of

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    Ginormo Sword Walkthrough (Final Version) | A Day In The Mind Of

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  176. […] Ginormo Sword Walkthrough (Final Version) | A Day In The … – Jul 03, 2008  · Ginormo Sword Walkthrough (Final Version) … You should eventually get a ginormo folder that pops up. When you double click on it, … […]

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