Fiction Friday Special: Lindsey (Update: BETTER QUALITY ADDED)

Yes, I’ll probably post another game, but until then:

Tis a work in progress.

Okay, so trust me, when all is said and done, the final product will be of MUCH better quality.  I had to basically cram a HUGE riff file (corel painter) into a tiny little gif, so a LOT of the quality is gone.

What is this?  Besides Lindsey of course?  Well, I have this Wacom pad that I have used to draw exactly one other thing; that would be the nice little header that you see at the top of the page.  Outside of that, I really haven’t used it much, which is kind of a shame.

Now, should Journey’s End catch on, I’ll likely have someone else do the cover art, but I figured that when I have the free time, why not draw a little “cover art” of my own?

So this is Lindsey, or at least my ability to draw her kind of the way I see her.  In the final project, I intend to have six of the main characters all standing outside the Someone Else Room (which you will know what that looks like within a week).

So, what’s on tap for today?  I’m going to try and write a couple of political articles, then, at 11, I got a guy calling to interview me for a new media watchdog type website.  Assuming that doesn’t take TOO long, I’m going to try and nab a quick nap.

Now, I already started writing chapter 3 last night, and it seems to be going pretty well, but I did stop right about where it gets to the meat of the chapter, so there’s no telling.  And remember, this time, I’m not rushing the chapter out to you guys, so even if I finish the first draft tonight, it could be a while until I post it.  We’ll have to see how good the workmanship is when I’ve finished.

Okay, well, have a good weekend, I’ll try and get a game or two up in a little bit, and I’ll see ya later!

UPDATE:  There we go, much better!

2 Responses to Fiction Friday Special: Lindsey (Update: BETTER QUALITY ADDED)

  1. ginzig says:

    Nice job, Kyle! I stink at drawing so I’m very impressed what you can do. I’m excited to see what the other characters look like. Hope you get your nap and the writing goes well.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Thanks Kim. I’m currently working on adding Sara to the mix. But along with having to relearn how to use the Wacom pad (It’s sort of like drawing on paper, but takes a little getting used to), I also have to learn for the first time my way around Corel Painter Essentials.

    I forgot that the whole layering thing doesn’t work quite exactly as I was hoping it would, and I never figured out how to make it work the way I wanted it to.


    I used to think that I was a pretty good artist, but with time and age I came to realize I’m okay, but not anything worth making particular note of. I’m better at drawing male figures, but female figures typically take me a lot longer to draw and often produce much worse results. That little pic above took me about five hours give or take, and once you get used to the wacom, it can be very forgiving and easier to work with than paper and pencil.

    That all being said, I think it will be fun to draw some of the main characters.

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