Something Old, Something New

So I had my friend look over the site this past weekend, and there’s well, mixed news.

Modifying the site as I had wanted to will not be possible under the current situation.  I LOVE using WordPress, but when you are running off of their servers, they don’t let you get away with too much customization; nothing on the order of what I had in mind, anyway.

Now, Terry did clean up the header a little bit for me, which I appreciate, and she said that if I paid as little as fifty a year to get the site hosted somewhere else, I can have much of what I want.  But I have to sit down and think about whether I want to shell out money at this point.  While this site does get good traffic for a startup, it’s still relatively low, and unlike political blogging, I don’t know any channels available to me that could pick up traffic to the point where I could start making up the money over the course of a year.  So that’s going to have to be something I think about over the next day or so.

Until then, I have done a few things that I hope make the site a little easier for everyone in the interrim.

First is the Creative Commons License.  This is more for me than for anyone else.  My intent is for the CC license to really only apply to the fiction portion of this website, as that’s the content I really want to protect.

What’s it mean?  It means that you can’t use my fictional writing, not without my permission.  I don’t mean you need my permission to read, but you do need my permission to reproduce said content.  And really, I’m even going to be lenient about that so long as you:

-provide a link back to this page.

-properly credit me.

-contact me if you want to reproduce an entire posted article.

-Do not use the content in the fictional category to create something of your own.

If you want to use a passage for review or commentary purposes, you are more than free to do so, again, link back here and credit me, please.

Outside the CC License, you’ll notice the side bar is a little different.  The categories are displayed so you can go directly to the content that you want, and you will also see a link for “Journey’s End”.  This will take you to a table of contents that I intend to keep updated throughout the course of writing and posting this story, so that if you are coming solely for that alone, you have an easy way to do that.

I also intend on making a table of contents for the Epilogues Essays so that people coming to the main page can go straight there.

I’ll likely rig up some other stuff later on, but for now that’s it.


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