So my test went fine today, so I’m going to hunker down and revise Chapter 2 and see if I can’t get it posted sometime this evening.  But I promised you guys something else this week as well, didn’t I?

One of the things that is really exciting about Journey’s End is, like with the fanfiction, my mind is exploring all kinds of possibilities.  I’m beginning to not only build this story, but also stories after it, and stories after that.  I’m connecting worlds, and I want you to imagine with me, for just a moment, the scope of what I’m building:

Journey’s End

Return to Journey’s end

Tun: First Age

   The Nightshades

   The Unlocking (working title)

   The Twilight Army

Tun: Second Age

   The Meteran Adventures (May be just one book of several stories, may be several novels)

   Phantoms and Specters (Teasers here and here)

   The 2nd Apocolypse (working title, unknown how many books this would entail)

Imagine these all existing in one single massive story arc.  It may take decades to finish this; at a minimum, bare bare bare minimum, we’re talking eight books, probably closer to twenty, but just imagine where we go all from a girl who walks into her living room in the dead of night to find the night not quite so dead after all.


10 Responses to Imagine

  1. Ginzig says:

    Wow! I like the way your mind works!!! That sounds amazing and ambitious… and I know if anyone can pull this off, it’s you!

    Glad to hear your test went well.

    I still like what you’ve done with the top and it looks even better on my home computer than my one at work.

    Hope all goes well with JE and look forward to maybe reading the second chapter soon.

    (Have a great Father’s Day with your kids! Hope it’s lots and lots of fun!!!)

  2. proudgryffindor says:

    yeah this does sound pretty amazing, and i’m definitly sure u can pull that off!!! by the way lemme just say congrats on doing good on ur test and i’m glad that the stress is off for the time being and we get our usual happy-go-lucky kyle back lol… i feel like i missed out on a whole day of blogging cuz the last time i got on here was when the newest post was still the jecha2 update.. then i get on tonight and theres like 5 more posts!! anyway back to this post, one thing i’m kinda confused about is by u saying that this is one massive story arc do u mean that journeys end and the nightshades are gonna be in the same basic world? i guess i’ll think of more to say once u respond to this….


    p.s. kim whats up i havnt talked to u in several days either!!

  3. Ginzig says:

    Hey, Phil. I’ve been wondering where you were. Yeah, I just started a new job. It’s been very hectic. I really like it, but I have about an hour drive both ways during rush hour traffic, by the time I get home, get an update from the nanny, feed the kids and spend some time with them, I pass out from exhaustion. It will get better when I start my normal shift, I’ll have two days off during the week, but I’ll be working 10 hour days. I do check here before and after work, so you can always leave me a message if you want, I will respond. (I also have msn and aim messenger if you ever wanted to chat.) I’ll probably be around a lot this weekend, the kids’ dad will pick them up about noon today and take them until Sunday evening. I don’t have any plans except laundry and cleaning and resting, oh and mowing the bloody yard. blah, I hate mowing the yard.

    Kyle- Phil brought up something I was curious about too, will you be connecting JE and Nightshades?

  4. One word answer.


  5. Ginzig says:

    Cool! Damn, that is awesome! I look forward to finding out how you’re going to do it. It just amazes me how your mind works!

  6. Ginzig says:

    So, Kyle, does this mean that you will not be collaborating with Caitlyn, but taking this and running in your own direction? Ok, and I feel stupid, but what is Tun? And what will the difference between the First Age and Second Age? Will these be different places Lindsey’s traveling or will there be a different main character for each of these? I understand if I’m asking more than you’re willing to reveal right now.

  7. Actually, I think I can answer most of your questions, Kim.

    I have not heard back from Caitlyn in a while, so I’m essentially scrapping that idea. Besides, I think this concept gives me an opportunity to integrate that story into a much wider arc that I continue to develop in my head and I think I can make the transition relatively smooth. There will of course need be changes, but as I continue to cultivate these worlds I’m working with, I almost think it is smoother having the Nightshade story in this work than anywhere else.

    Tun, if you go back and look at the Caravan snippets, that takes place on the planet Tun, a creation of mine that is divided up into three separate ages. What divides those ages, I will not say yet. As for Lindsey’s role in all of that, I won’t go into details, but I’m of the mind that beyond the two Journey’s End stories I have planned, she’ll be making appearances later on as well.

    All things in time. All things in time.

  8. Ginzig says:

    That’s one thing I’ve learned about you….. give enough to keep me interested, but not enough so that I know everything! hehe I expect that, just wanted to give you a hard time. Yes, I knew you had mentioned Tun before, but I just couldn’t place it. Thanks for answering my questions.

    I hope you had a nice father’s day!

  9. proudgryffindor says:

    very very good point kim… kyle mabye u should look into a job designing teaser trailers for movies lol…. i have been slacking soo much on here lately i feel like i’ve missed a lot for some reason… but anyways that is pretty amazing that ur gonna be able to combine those 2 worlds into one and i am way way too excited to get into this…. but i really need to get off and i’m unbelievably pissed that i still don’t have time to read JE chapter 2!!!


  10. I might be able to blend them… three worlds in fact, if we want to get technical. We’ll have to see how things go. I shouldn’t get too far ahead of myself, mind you. It’s all a wash if I don’t make it through Journey’s End. But if I do, the Nightshades would be the third book in the series.

    What really kind of puts me off of the concept is that if I do that, then I have to write two other books following that have never really materialized in full for me, and I’m afraid of writing myself into a dead end.

    If this stuff pays well enough that I can quit my day job (or night job as it actually stands), then I would feel more confident doing so. But all things in time, all things in time.

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