Well, you’ll notice a few things different today.  Yeah, I’m procrastinating on my last minute cram session by fiddling with the site.

So I sent off what I would like to see in this website to my friend Terry who says she’s going to work things over for me.   Until then, I’ve added the categories off to the side, and I’ve added a new header that I drew on my wacom pad a long while ago, and threw in some hastily added text.

Again, hopefully Terry can make up for my rather outrageous lack of tech abilities.

Also, I should be getting my creative commons license up soon.  I’m very apprehensive of getting too far into posting Journey’s End until I have some sort of intellectual property protection up and running, for obvious reasons.

Anyway, I better get to doing what I need to do.  With luck, I’ll be back on this evening and ready to punch out Chapter 2 for you guys.

3 Responses to Changes

  1. ginzig says:

    Kyle-Love the top! Just remember, when you talk about your lack of tech abilities, I’m worse than you. I think you did a fantastic job with that! Looking forward to the other changes that are coming.

    Sending you lucky vibes that you’ll do great on your test and feel up to working on JE. Otherwise, I hope you have a great weekend!

  2. Actually, that picture is VERY low quality, and I really don’t understand why the red borders are there, I hates them.

    Test went fine. I memorized the study guide (100+ pages), and turns out I woefully over studied.

    I memorized fifteen part answers, and they would only ask for two parts of my choosing.

    A little upset with that.

  3. Ginzig says:

    yeah, but Kyle, had you not studied as much as you had, you would have been screwed. It’s Murphy’s Law…. But you passed and that’s what’s most important. You’re done now, at least for a little while. Good job!!!

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