Absolute Awesome Ball Game

Another Fiction Friday, another great game for you to enjoy:

Take pinball and billiards, moosh ’em together, and give them a hit of acid, and that might give you an idea of what Absolute Awesome Ball Game is like.

AABG was one of the fine entrants in the 4th Casual Game Design Contest held by one of my favorite casual game sites; Jay is Games.

The theme for that particular contest was “ball physics,” and AABG definitely put that theme through its paces.  As I hinted at in the little teaser, the basic mechanics of the game is not unlike trying to play billiards on a pinball table.

From there, trying to describe the game just gets terribly difficult.

The playing board is much like a pinball machine complete with targets to hit, and mini-games that can be unlocked by hitting the right targets in the right order, or by reaching certain score plateaus.  And, in fact, you are given balls one at a time.

But from there, it’s more like pool.  You line up your shots and choose how powerful you want your shot to be.  When you start off, there’s only one ball on the table, but all of your balls stay on the table unless you sink it in a pocket.

Which you’re going to want to do from time to time because if you don’t have a ball in a launching area, or you don’t have any in the slot to put on the table, that’s when the game ends.  Not that it really ends, mind you…

…as I say, it can be kind of difficult to explain this one.

When the game ends, only two things really happen; your score is reset and your balls are taken off the table.  Most unlocks will remain, and your balls will maintain their color (yes, they change color, which is important).

I could keep going, but to do so would be antithetical to what really makes AABG fun; exploration.

There’s a kind of paradox in having a single board game be all about exploration, but that’s exactly how it works.  The main board is deceptively complex, and hides a seemingly endless array of bonuses and mini games, and trying to find them all will no doubt have you angling for new shots and struggling for new combinations for quite some time.

From production quality to game mechanics, AABG is a solid offering.  Figuring out how to play is half the fun, and discovering everything the game has to offer is the other half.  Putting both halves together provides for a game that is, well, Awesome.

One Response to Absolute Awesome Ball Game

  1. Ginzig says:

    I completely and utterly suck at this game. I don’t think there is any hope. I’m going to let Scott have a go tomorrow, and I’ll bet you anything, he’ll kick my sorry butt. 🙂

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