A Promise

I’ve been thoroughly stressed all week, but at the very minimum, at least tomorrow, by the time I get in to work, one of the things that has been stressing me out a lot should be done and over, and I’ll have at least a couple of weeks before the next stress test begins.

Because I’ve been so stressed, I have been highly negligent of this website.  Also, because of some political situations going on, my buddy Dustin’s had his attention directed elsewhere.

As a result, Dustin’s no longer going to be working on the revamp of the site, but I do have a friend who said she’ll do it, so I’m going to get with her and hope that we can have a shiny new site all up and running in the near future.

But, because I’ve been so negligent, I make a promise. Unless I’m just too damn depressed because I failed miserable tomorrow on my test, once I get to work, I will work tirelessly to revise chapter two and get it posted.  If that’s simply not going to happen, look for a post explaining that by early evening tomorrow.

Until then, I HIGHLY recommend you go back and give Ginormo Sword another crack.  For many, they eat when they are stressed, for me, I play mindless videogames, and Ginormo Sword has been like CRACK over the course of the past week.  I had no idea the game would get to be that addicting.  But one of the interesting things about it is it’s one of those games that doesn’t even really start until after you’ve reached a certain level of mastery.  That’s where I’m at right now.  I have two swords that stretch across the entire screen, I can WALK through the bottom two rows, and I’m just thirsting for more.

So, go back, play the game, and check back in in the early evening and I’ll let you know whether or not chapter 2 will be posted.

2 Responses to A Promise

  1. Ginzig says:

    Good luck, Kyle! I do hope that your test goes well!!

  2. Thanks, I do too.

    I’m going to make one more update, go get breakfast, one last breeze through my notes, and we’ll see how things go from there.

    God I hate this, I want a job where I don’t have to stress anymore.

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