This Ain’t Your Grandmother’s Quilting Circle!

Get ready because Wellgames just took quilt making to the EXTREME!!!!11!!!onehundredeleven11!!

You thought quilt making was easy, didn’t ya?  You thought of old ladies in rocking chairs, huh?  Oh, get ready to have your world ROCKED!  Get ready for quilting to pwn you stoopid noobs!  IT IS ON…

Oh, screw.  Who am I kidding?  Patchworkz from Wellgames is about as extreme as a pitcher of sweet tea on a hot Summer evening in the South.  That’s to say, it’s not at all.

The mechanics of Patchworkz aren’t hard to grasp.  In truth, it’s much like solving a jigsaw puzzle with the exception that you don’t have a picture as your guide.  Instead, you have randomly selected pieces already placed for you giving you a hint to the final design.

From there, you simply select pieces of the quilt from the bottom and try to put them where they belong.

Making the game easier, the actual pattern on the individual patches isn’t all that important.  If you’re trying to make the pattern work with the design, you can do so, but in the end, if the patch is the right size and shape, it will fit; pattern doesn’t matter.  This could result in some odd looking final results to your quilt, but it will let your progress to the next level.

There is a timer which might have added to the excitement if the game ended when you ran out of time, but that’s not the case.  All the timer really does is help you with your score, which isn’t really all that important to the game (and by not important I mean it has no effect whatsoever).

Yes, Patchworks is about as soothing of a gaming experience as you can get.  Even the cool, soft jazz muzak will put you in a supremely relaxed mood.

In the higher levels, you will eventually meet with some frustration as smaller pieces crowded together will reveal the games one major flaw.  If you drop a piece too far away from where it is supposed to go, it will just hang there in mid space.  But if you drop it close enough to the sweet spot, it will automatically fit itself in.  This is great when you are dealing with bigger pieces that are differently shaped and spread apart, but when  you have a dozen tiny squares all clustered together, what happens is that the game chooses for your which space to put the piece.

And by choose, I mean choose the space that will piss you off the most, typically the space already occupied by three other tiny squares after you have spent the past ten minutes trying to separate them, and once that fourth piece goes in the exact same spot you get this distinct urge to rip your mouse out of the pc and throw it straight through your computer monitor and then hunt down the maker of this game and kick him in the junk…

(pant. pant. pant)

No, it is a slight annoyance, and one that I hope is fixed in future renditions of the game if they should come, but definitely not so bad as to ruin the experience.

All in all, the flaws discussed above aside, Patchworks is a great time killer game that doubles as a great decompressor.  Despite its simple game play and deliberately mellow approach, it’s also addicting as hell and you’ll find yourself saying over and over; “just one more.”

And as we all know, that is the mark of a great casual game.


4 Responses to This Ain’t Your Grandmother’s Quilting Circle!

  1. Ginzig says:

    It is addicting and fun! Dammit, I had to start playing last night right before bed and couldn’t stop. Even though everything is still blurry, I oculdn’t stop playing. And I did encounting the annoyance of hovering pieces…. I’m sure after I play the game longer I may have the same reaction as you. haha You gave me a good laugh about kicking the maker in the junk….. a little excitable are you? Does that mean you are living on caffeine and still not sleeping? I hope not.

    I also played day one of the other game you helped me download. The walk through really helped. Though I’m quite pathetic and had to have my son read me the directions. I can’t wait until this blurriness is gone. I’ll try the other game you posted when I can see clearly again.

    Good luck on your collaboration with Caitlin. If there is a way to make it stand outside of Harry Potter and make it publishable, I hope you can do it. It is an amazing story that should be shared. Good luck!

  2. Thank you, and yeah, it is a fun little game. I used to like to put in an audio book and play it while I listened to kind of just pass the time when the time needed passing. As for being excitable… sometimes.

    Yeah, I’m sorry about the blurriness, but I’m glad you got through the first day. You’ll have to let me know how it goes. The series gets darker as you progress, and I’ll post up some walkthroughs for the rest of the games later.

    And as for what Caitlin and I are doing, we’ll all have to wait and see. I’ll probably still post the Ratbone History as it is very much tied to the HP verse, so if I do take it out of the HP verse, his new history will likely be considerably different.

    Caitlin may not like it, but I think I may incorporate the Nightshades story with another verse I have had in my head in a long time… hmmmmmm…. lots to think about, and the more I think about it, the more I think that I may have to start working on Journey’s End to keep myself busy until then. Journey’s End, for as flawed as it is, and as much as I’ll have to go back and rework a lot of what I’ve already told my daughters, is still by far the most fleshed out original story I have in me noggin.

  3. Ginzig says:

    Hey, I’m a little stuck in the 5 days game, even with the help of the walkthrough. Day two-in the library it talks about the map and what books to look at….well I”m not sure if it’s my screwed up vision or something else, but I can’t find the map or pick it up or whatever….. And I press the F5 button to scroll through my inventory and nothing happens. Maybe I just have to wait until I can see clearly again. Oh, and if you did post walkthroughs eventually for the other games, that would be fantastic…. then I wouldn’t have to bother you so much.

    but I think that working on Journey’s End would be a good thing. I think that has potential to become a fantastic story. I do think that making it for an older teenage audience and adding in some romance would be a good thing too. You’ve already sold me on it.

    There is something more I wanted to talk to you about, but I think it would be better if I put it in an email.

  4. Okay.

    As for the library, you’re going to have to keep going back there as, as the story unfolds, there will be more books that you will need to get.

    Basically, what you can do is use the eyeball on each colored section of books, and when you are in need of a specific book, the eyeball should let you know when you have found what you needed.

    Then use the hand icon on that section.

    If that still doesn’t work, you may have to just kind of pixel hunt and keep using the hand on different areas of the books shelf until you find what you need.

    I’ll look for your email tonight.

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