Time to do some serious damage to your eyes.

Hidden Object type games have become something of a staple in casual gaming.  There’s only one problem; for the most part you can only get them (or the good ones anyway) through downloadable demos that only last an hour long, or by buying them.

Thus it is awesome of Wellgames to come up with a great alternative that can be played right in your browser.

Omitting the story line and specificially themed settings of popular titles such as Ravenhearst, and Big City Adventure: San Francisco, Mysteriez pares down the genre to its core dynamic; searching for objects in beautifully rendered scenes.

In Mysteriez, those objects would be numbers.  Some will jump right out at you, while others are extremely well hidden and will take a very scrutinous eye the entire time limit to hunt down for the first time.

It’s a great gaming experience that takes me back to my childhood when I used to pore over hidden object searches in Highlights magazine.  The backgrounds are, at their best, simply beatiful, and even the more ho hum backdrops are still pretty good.

There are some drawbacks, though.  One of the appeals to the hidden object genre are the storylines and side puzzles that often get packaged in.  Also, as silly as it may sound, after a while you do get tired of looking for numbers, and start longing for a shoe, or maybe hotdogs, or some other random object to find instead.

Also, not removing discovered objects from the playing field poses a problem.  In the earlier levels where the numbers aren’t clustered together, it’s no big deal as you typically shouldn’t have a problem keeping track.  But in the later levels where you have more numbers to find, and they are bunched much more closely together, it often becomes a bigger chore to keep track of what you have clicked and not clicked than it’s worth.

Given that you lose time every time you make a bad click, this can get frustrating.

On the other hand, the magnifying glass feature is pretty cool, and is definitely something that other makers of games of this type should take into consideration the next time they sit down to put together another title.

All things considered, Mysteriez isn’t the greatest hidden object title out there, but it is the best among those available for free and in flash, and is a great alternative to shelling out a few dollars to play something that essentially provides a similar experience.

So if you got the urge to squint a lot and slow scan over pictures looking for 18  or 11 (one of the hardest numbers to find a lot of the time), give Mysteriez a try.

One Response to Mysteriez!

  1. Ginzig says:

    You and these games!!!! They are way too addicting! One of these days I’ll find every number before time runs out. I’ve gotten close. And my eyesight isn’t even fully back to normal yet. The kids are even getting involved in thise one, but let me tell you, it’s annoying to here ‘There, mom. YOu missed!’ when indeed I have already clicked it. And damn that patchwork game. I love it. But I’m stuck on number 70 I think it is. Damn all those little pieces. Too many, too confusing.

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